Collette Orji - I Just Don't know why Women Cheat On their partners...

Well, I really have been thinking about that for a while and I've come to some answers, which to the best of my opinion I'm good with.

Is Cheating Penis or Vagina sensitive?

It is because it is in the nature of women to cheat. A woman can love you and still cheat on you,
It does not mean that she doesn't love you, it does not mean that she does not respect you, it is just that it is in their nature to cheat.

I mean this is why a man will be cute, rich, and gives his wife everything and still, she will steal cheat on him and sometimes with someone who is not up to her partners standard physically, and even emotionally.

The thing is that, if you really love your woman and she cheats on you, Just pray for her. Pray that she doesn't bring infections at home.

You can also take the matter up to your pastor, or your priest. Just ask her to make use of condoms with her partners so that she doesn't bring home another man's child or get pregnant.
Even if she brings a child home, just forgive her, you know a woman can still love you and cheat on you, I mean, it's okay if you don't know about it...Afterall, what you don't know cannot hurt you anyways, Just pray for her and forgive her..She will change.

I just don't understand this logic, why a woman will love her man and still cheat on her. I think women are just never satisfied sexually. Especially, when they are rich, you know and you cannot really blame the women, just blame all the other men who know that that woman is married/ or in a committed relationship yet won't stay away.

You can't just leave your wife because she cheated on you, just remember that all women cheat and it will be the same with the new woman too. Just stay there and manage, after all, the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.

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