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You want to be really careful with those you surround yourselves with. It's so important that you understand these little simple twist about life. I've read extensively about this and well, you know,
I'm definitely gonna share it with my cocowonderblog addicts.

So many of us have gone through some form of pain or some by death, heartbreaks, abuse, abandonment, seclusion, infidelity, general violence, bullied etc.

 If you don't have loved ones around you, you are not a positive person or you haven't gone through some form of therapy, you will realize that, those who hurt you are those that have been hurt also multiple times.

The person who got infected with HIV has become an overnight prostitute so as to distribute it, not minding that it might come back to his other loved ones.

The one who was lied to and got a heartbreak has set on a journey to cause multiple heart breaks to others.

The one who was emotionally abused multiple times as a child and has not received any healing is the one abusing his wife today or his girlfriends and vice versa.

The man that has been bruised by women is the one now that is on fire to deceive many more women.

The girl who was abused by her aunts and in-laws is now abusing other nieces and her daughter in law.


One will think that those that have gone through pain, hurt, will better understand it and know exactly how that felt and show restraint towards others because they first experience it, but guess what, scientist and psychologist have found out, it is absolutely the opposite. Those who hurt people, in every form are those who have instead felt pain and hurt. This brings us to the saying - YOU CANNOT GIVE WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE!

Most people have gone through so much misery that, the only thing they can offer you is MISERY in capital letters. Their hearts are so dirty and frustrated with pain, their ego slashed, their minds angry, and their words so bitter. They are sick and heavy inside, thereby, they go through life HURTING every other happy soul.

They insult you on your post for no just reason, or say because they need you to feel the misery they are in, they go under anonymous and fake names to insult people behind their phones and computers, their self-esteem is so low, their anger towards you is growing daily, their insecurities so loud, their mouths are filled with bitter words to make sure you feel the pain they are feeling and they are on rampage, they are on a mission - the mission TO HURT! You must feel their pain too.

You must know that they are angry. Society caused it and now you must feel it.
They are everywhere, they have 24 hours daily like you but they only use theirs to follow you up and check you out.

Are you happy?

Do you now have a boyfriend?

Is the relationship working?

Is your wife happy?

Is your husband cheating on you?

Are they still together?

Do they have kids yet?

Are you sure that they can have kids?

Did she get the job yet?

Oh my God, he just engaged her?

They are so restless. they have a negative INCREASED heartbeat,  whenever something good happens to others. These are hurt people. They cannot show love because they do not know love.

They simply cannot give you what they do not have. Hurt people Hurt people, hurt people want to see you hurt. When their marriages fail, they start looking for neighbors with packed marriages too.


When you identify people like this in your life, teach and show them love and ask them to go for therapy or some form of cleansing, YOGA or something. They need help.
Whenever you wake up and see a very unhealthy insulting comment on your post on any social media form, some unnecessary dirty gossip of some of your contacts, just know this - THEY ARE MISERABLE, UNHAPPY, HURT, AND SCARED PEOPLE, THEY WORRY THAT THINGS ARE REALLY WORKING OUT FOR YOU. PRAY FOR THEM AND REFER THEM TO THE RIGHT SHRINKS, THERAPIST, CLEANSING....Cause they are SICK!

 Thanks so much for reading...#Tomorethanwecanallbe.

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