Collette Orji - Have Plenty Sex With Your Lover & Live Together Before Marriage...

Most couples before they get married, they are on a sudden HIGH,  'Suddenly' they totally miss out on reality. When anyone asks me to substitute any one word for marriage, my answer will be 'REAL'.

Make sure you do have plenty of sex with your Fiance and live with your partner for a well considered time before marriage. Once again, Nothing is a guarantee, people have lived together and marry later and things packed up faster than 72 days. So, be free to form your own opinions and do with them what you wish, I chose to write mine on my blog, on my space, within my time.

He has changed so much, he wasn't like this when we were dating! That sentence has sent so many women to their early graves and some are still at YABATECH female psyche ward in Lagos.


You live in Sokoto and your partner lives in Oron and you see visit over the weekend and go back every 2 months and you think you know him/her...Naaaah You don't.

Living together is so practical before marriage because it opens up real life daily marital conversations, Like using and cleaning the rest room, putting down the toilet seat cover, where y'all work, what time y'all close from work, how much y'all earn, finances, cooking, cleaning the house, dishes, family members, relationships, in-laws and internet bills, cable bills, etcetera. These things, you may never get them right while dating from a distance or when you are an October visitor.

You end up in the marriage and in two weeks you have become, marriage is so different and I never knew he was like this. You need to know if your partner SNORES so much and if you willing to deal with that. you need to know if there are some ailments, Blood pressure, heart, kidney, liver issues. These are real life issues that you dont discuss with strangers, you dont tell a woman who comes and goes away and vice versa. These are things you discuss with only a man/woman who lives with you.

In the western world, lovers move in together to even save rent and bills. The start sharing rents, grocery, internet bills while they just dating. Marriage is real, it's not for babies or those little girls and boys who only see you in church on Sundays with canopies on your heads and two kids on your backs.

Live in with the man/woman you want to marry before you actually do. Some women own their homes and they need to decide if to move in with the man or not. Some men own their homes but need to know if y'all wanna start with a neutral ground.

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  1. You tlk true. I used to say that when I marry,I wld love my partner to live in the east and I in the west as in my whole life I have never experience living with a boyfriend,i'll choose to date a married man or someone really far from me. Recently i've gotten the opportunity to live with a boyfrnd which happened by chance and im realising alot of differences,and you're so right coco.

    1. Needless to say more Maria! It's fair to say most women have found themselves in these shoe shops

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