Collette Orji - The GUY Who arranged Fake Family Members To Come Marry me ...( True Story).

Most Of my Friends Know This Story Anyways, Today I would like to share it with my Wonders, Who knows, We Might Just Make Wednesdays Real Life bullshit Day. Welcome to the Story...It's no FICTION!

Most women would love to be called 'good girls' so they lie their way through life and always shy about who they were or live in ''Fakedom''. For a girl like me, I so freaking Rocked Life. I lived my life like every minute was the last. Good life and happiness ain't always about money so I rocked it, cruised, travel, dated, visited the world and Boy! I so damned Rocked this life ....and I ain't Stopping!!!

One particular guy (name withheld), let's call him ehmmmm JOE. He is Nigerian and Not Igbo. He wanted to marry me for so many years between 2012 and 2015. So in between, we were on and off. we were also business partners so it was fun cause I saw him like twice a year but I supplied him products from my store Coco House, Virgin hair and pieces of stuff that I buy from India, Dubai, Uk /US.  I am busy like that. A little business and pleasure never hurt anyone right? Being Single ROCKS!

He met my mother once, spoke to her a couple other times. My mum and I always argued about where a man who had to marry me came from. She was worried 'He wasn't Igbo' and we would always have that argument. She knew who I was, she knew 'I DIDN'T CARE' and she wanted me to do like she did, I'm an only daughter so you can understand my igbo MUM.

Joe was hurt, over and over that tribe was mentioned. But we continued our business, and because we could go a whole year without even meeting face to face, I Knew, we were both seeing other people. Well, we decided to heat things up and talk seriously, and try being exclusive and make the relationship respectful. This was in 2015. I had just returned from the states and gosh, I envied beautiful lovers then and would prefer to have one too. Joe made heaven and earth possible and was so happy I was ready to 'Sit Ma ass Down''. LOL... He asked if I wanted the wedding in the UK, but I needed to rest and see my mother so we decided he flys down to Nigeria.

I was happy because i had known Joe for over 3 years then. And, he never cheated me in business. He paid for all my supplies, and sometimes even paid before I travel to buy items. It was a beautiful transaction and we planned on building more stores. Joe forgot one very important factor, JOE GOT MARRIED TO A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN 2014.

Don't scream my wonders! I know, I know, I know!!! It's happened to me too you know. Well, Joe NEVER told me, I never suspected also. We spoke all the time and I'm one busy woman so I was still always going from filming to my office and my NGO office. Joe had arranged to come immediately with his family to see my family. He had inquired of everything he should do, and whats needed to marry an igbo woman. This had gotten a bit serious, my friends knew about JOE and I. Then, I was ready to do my routine checkup. You see, I try to do some basic routine about someone I'm to spend the rest of my life with. I FOUND OUT ON MY OWN THAT JOE GOT MARRIED THE YEAR BEFORE..THAT'S 2014.

I also found out that JOE Just became a father less than 2 months to that date. No! Joe didn't tell me himself. I was disappointed, normally, because of the lie, you know. It took me 24 hours to process the information and I decided to talk with Joe when next he called. My friends cursed, laughed, My crazy friends.... Love them Hahahahaahhahaha.

Joe called, we talked, he told me everything is set, his uncles will be coming on this day. On that day he also confirmed he moved into the new apartment for us and also said the wedding rings just came in and I cashed the my monthly Fiancee Money that day. After the whole discussion, I calmly asked him about his Wife, his son, I called their names. Let's call the beautiful wife Mary. She's so pretty, I tell you with certainty.


He was quiet for 60 seconds ....I was quiet, then, the phone call Ended. He had ended the call. About 15 minutes later he called on video. Eyes red with tears, voice shaky and crying and begging and confessing. He was explaining, let me try to remember his exact words ' We are not married, she just got pregnant for me, I love you so much, I told you from the day I met you that you are my wife, I am so sorry, I meant to tell you, I was going to tell you when I come, I am so sorry, I just sent you more money to buy anything you want or fly over so we can talk, ..........' I replied... Okay. Joe was confused with my reply. He said what do you mean by Okay, I said you just apologized, I understand. I have a few questions please, I would appreciate some answers, are you ready, he said Yes, so I asked.

Coco:   Pregnancy takes 9 months, Your baby is now 2 months old, we took a trip together about 5 months ago, Why didn't you tell me and why did you press on with me?

Joe:   I don't Know, I am very sorry ( eyes heavy with tears, remember it was a video call  )

Coco:  Okay, I see...( I showed him the pictures of  MARY and told him the date they got married, the traditional rights, they did in Nigeria, and pictures of them living together in the UK)... The call ended AGAIN!

Joe called again, video call again crying even more. By this time he knew I had more and my calmness made him freak out. He said, I am sorry, All I know is that I love you and I want you to be my wife, But please continue with the questions. I said Okay...So, we continued...

Coco:  You have arranged your uncles and parents to come so far, which ones did you call, is it the same uncles that were present at Mary's introduction?

Joe: No my love, I am so sorry, I was so desperate and I sent some money to the driver and he has already arranged some men and women. ( Let's call the driver PAUL).

Coco: What about the house you just paid for?

Joe: I rented a different apartment so you and I can stay there. Mary and I did only introductions, but you and I will go all the way, hold our court wedding here and I will tell her parents I am no longer interested.

Coco: Oh, Okay, I see...Nice Plan. So how do you want us to proceed now?

Joe: Im so glad you have forgiven me. I will never disappoint you. After all these years, I will never hurt you again ever. Maybe you should just fly over, we would come back together. I am so sorry, forgive me, my Wife...Did you see the money?

Coco: Yes, I saw the money, It's Okay Joe, let me think about it okay...Bye for now.

That was the last time I replied to Joe's messages. I blocked him on my phones and social network sites. I am writing this story because Joe still writes to me till date. He sends me messages in both my numbers. He uses all kind of phone numbers and adds his name to them. He is even using Mary, his wife's Facebook account to follow up my post and comments under my post regularly. He in boxes me with Mary's account. Joe has not stopped writing to me, Till two days ago. Needless to say, i don't reply, and sometimes it's frustrating to see new message into my inbox from Joe telling me how he is always ready and available.

COCO'S DIARY!!! I hope you enjoyed the story, Welcome to Real Life Bullshit Wednesdays!

Allrights reserved, Collette Orji © 2017


  1. Wow!!! it must have been hard for you, but I believe in the strength of a black woman especially "the Wonder"...Nice piece

    1. Lexymon😘 Thank you sooo much. I know I know. Of course it's hard. But you know abit of me by now. I have self devolope myself so much😘😘😘

  2. Whoa! I had to find this story. Almost got into a similar situation but yours went too far.You're such a brave woman.Bravo dear.

    1. Oh Vanessa!!!! Thank you so much. I knowwwww. I hear stories like this all the time. This was how far mine went honey. Tooo far. I can't even say it all. Thanks for reading

  3. Wanders!! Men can realy be deceitful I swear....And to think he was playing u two...smh. U are crave indeed darl. Thank God he opened ur eyes. Ur Blessed 🙏🏾

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I knowwwww!!!! It's crazy. Thankful, it's a story today


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