Collette Orji - Broke ass guys/girls love too much sex...Well, they got too much time on their hands anyways...

How rich is your husband/wife/Lachick/Leboo? Trust me, the poor ones and those managing life are those who are always having sex. They Have Only more SEX to offer You.

I don't even need to get to the igbo/Nigerian poor people who use sex and dozens of babies to beg for money as a way of life. Kids everywhere and calling all their auntie and uncles wicked people for nothing. You will just sit like that and they will be calling you wicked for nothing.

Boyfriend, you dont even have, wife, you dont have, husband and girlfriend, you dont have any oh. You are there struggling and hustling to make a life for yourself and get yourself a good spouse, They will be there, having sex morning till dawn and in all horrible places and times of the day due to too much time on their hands.

They will fill the whole compound and community and street with kids everywhere and suddenly expecting you the cousins, aunties, uncles who did not even see who to have sex with to come and be feeding their kids for them as if you dont know how to have kids too.

Nonsenses everywhere!!! There's something people should know. You own your uterus, your private parts, use it the way you want. Have loads of sex with broke ass men and women everywhere and anywhere you want, just know that the rich dudes, the guys who build empires, bosses, great men, respectful dudes and super fabulous women don't have that much sex in their lives because they appreciate moments and respect themselves. Not because they don't know how to get crazy but because they respect and value time and life. They bring kids into the world to raise properly.

Most Men who love too much sex and will carry your one leg from one end of the house to the other podium are BROKE. Most women who talk sex sex sex all day and go round practicing sex all the time are usually BROKE and unfocused and too loud in the negative.


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