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It's Everywhere and anywhere you look at right now. Every nation and Culture now have it.

In those days it was called POLYGAMY & WOMEN SUBMISSION, These days, women will walk right out that door when domestic Violence and Disrespect is being served them for breakfast and Dinner. I mean these days, 35 -40-Year-old unmarried women even go ahead and have their babies via Sex, insemination and sperm bank donors.

It is real, it's happening, Twins & IVF everywhere ( Although they will come & Lie that It's A Miracle from God sha - Topic For Another Day).

 **This is going to be one of my most sensitive topics so I am going to use myself as an example and I sacrifice myself on this post. Bring it to me if you have common sense or just look around you for examples of what im talking about**

Nothing destroys a woman more than FINALLY WALKING out of a relationship/marriage with a kid or kids. I think this is the most difficult pill mothers have to chew/swallow. The stories I listen to are Insane. This Option has increased the rate of Domestic Violence and infidelity in marriages and the stigmatization of walking away, with a child especially has sent so many women to depression, to YABATECH Psyche ward in Lagos, Hospitals, and burial grounds or just read female blog stories.

It is so hard to walk away with a child, too many factors play out in your head for life. Woman Don't want to walk away with kids, it's Depressing. Firstly, You almost have to deal with the He - Goat of a man all your life. You have to be in contact with him irrespective of how much he hurt you and misbehaved. You have to Fake smile and niceness for that child's sake for almost ever.

You have to know his new girlfriend and wife's names or where he's traveling to and vice versa. Everything you trying to forget and move on, just flashes on your face. Endlessly Annoying! This makes me personally to keep thinking about dealing with that in my head sometimes. iMAGINE ME having to deal with that nonsense. Gosh! Sucks!!! But whenever it happens, you have no choice, after all, mothers lay down their lives for their child daily.

Divorce Sucks!!! That Shit is too painful. Hurts Internally & makes you just wonder why you didn't stop and run out when you saw the signs on dating. You see, cause when a child is involved, it changes the game and ups the pains. Real Shit, I tell you. My page is for practical mature adults, who discuss real day life realities. If you are a baby, please stay out of my page. I read too many stories and emails and It's worrisome sometimes. Please, discussing divorce is not illegal. The day you chose or decide to marry is the day you signed a bond for a possible divorce.

The day you start driving on the road is the day you signed up that you could die by a car accident on the steering...It is what it is. It's like saying, once you sign up for marriage as an igbo woman, you have signed up for pregnancy and motherhood. It is what it is. Women, take your time before giving your lives away on serious issues, please. This goes to the men too. I will leave this here for now. And You Know I will be back.

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