Collette Orji - Are You A Nigerian Female Residing In Igbolands? Then You Are An 'Ashawo' !!! ...If Na Lie, Ask The Nearest OKADA MAN beside you...

Growing up in Nigeria is super Tough. Growing up in the eastern part of Nigeria is a Miracle to turn out well - Insane.

 As a lady, when was the last time you went inside the market in Aba or Onitsha main markets to get some stuff. I don't even know why I am going too far with this, let me just leave it with Enugu main Market because the above is a geographic case study.

Enugu has the most calmer and organized market in my opinion when you add up the five igbo states, YET...Going to the market is like War Zone. You will have to be very careful before all the barrow pushers ,Bus Drivers, Bus Conductors , Keke Drivers and Okada men remind you that you are an ASHAWO. They will 'DASH' you that insult FREE OF CHARGE!

They say it without mincing words and without any form of apology.

Oh! Talk about the business boys along the road and shops pulling and dragging you even as they call you very derogatory names.

''Babygirl, come na, baby come, I get am here, anything you want, baby come, I can marry you oh, put you at home and give you food. Why you dey look me like that. Because you marry rich man abi?''

The insults comes in no order and without preparations. It is in these markets that you will become very ashamed for wearing a pair of trousers and top that by anyway shows your body curves.
They will practically touch your body, Touch your butts and pull your hands.

Make the mistake of telling them, please leave me alone and you will hear, ''You no dey happy sef say I dey touch you, see this ASHAWO ugly girl. I get woman for house whe fine pass you.''

The truth is, these are communities of un-behaved animals because I know that some animals behave well. You disagree on price with an OKADA man and you will get the insults of your life that day. ''See this ye-ye girl sef, you no get the money you want to come price my Okada, Stupid woman, Ashawo. They practically 'DASH' Ashawo to you whether you like it or not.

Going to the market in these igbo cities became a SCARE to me. I am not saying you won't find this in Lagos or every other city in Nigeria, I am telling you that 98% of the time, It will be my Igbo brothers that are guilty of this and gives you a baptism of ASHAWO name for breakfast free of charge.

How do you guys cope daily with the doing groceries in the market, 
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