Collette Orji - All these girls, once they get married, they automatically become Psychologist...

All these girls, once they get married, they automatically become Psychologist...Hahahaahaha! I have read these so much and every time I do, it's so funny because IT IS FREAKIN TRUE. Let me laugh again!

You should listen to them. Please do, because nothing will teach you the full course of psychology like marriage in just 3 months.

Only those that you are close to will let you see the truth of what they go through because you see, women pretend so much and they will hide things until it finally explodes and they can't manage it anymore. Most married women wanna run out of their homes after 3 months to take some fresh air. Hahahahahahahahahha.

The more I write these things, I know that so many people want to ask me personal private questions, I am sorry, you will read it in my books. I dont want to give that for Free. I have a brother who exposed me to something in life that I never let go EVER - WRITING!!! When my brother travelled say from Awka Anambra state then to Enugu, he will write me a letter telling me the things he saw in Awka, the estimated distance between the two cities, the things he saw on the roadside, the people, the way they talked, the type of transport vehicles, my brother wrote 22 pages at one time he was explaining one very important trip. You see, I felt like I had been to these places just from his letters.

When women who didn't graduate from primary school become psychologists after 3 months in marriage, Listen to them. They know what they are seeing. Hahahahhahahahahaha. But even more so, listen to women who are well traveled in life. Travelling is Education. No one is fooling you, Marriage forces Psychology certificate on you overnight. Hahaahaahahhahaha. If you keep arguing me go to YABATECH PSYCH WARD FOR WOMEN...YOU WILL FIND YOUR ANSWER THERE. Hahahhahahaahahahaha. I am so laughing, though in truth.

Don't just listen to them, check them out in your spare time, go through their articles for consistency. Look around you. Look at the married people around you, look at the couples beside your house, in the market, in the church, you have sisters and brothers who are married, Use your brain and common sense and form your own opinions.

It's a free world Technically, Though Nothing is FREE!

 Collette Orji, © 2017

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  1. HAHAHA!! really funny and realistic article with the taste of some sarcasm..Life changes after marriage life that's true.thank you very much for sharing.keep posting.


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