CEO of Papyrus magazine, Doofan Abu-Amali - I couldn't wait to get married and have sex, Now I sleep with It everyday...

I have taken the decision in my life to enjoy every moment life presented me with hence, I have come to the knowledge that nothing is permanent and most of these phases of life may not repeat themselves until I die.
Be it sadness, in plenty or small, in happiness or in tears, I will sit and enjoy. Even crying so much as who knows if that will be the last time I will cry, who really knows.

I remembered there were times I couldn't wait to get independence instead of enjoying my parents control, I couldn't wait to start dating that cute guy,- Now he doesn't even matter, I honestly don't even know where he is at present, couldn't wait to have sex now, I sleep with it almost everyday hmmmmmmmm, couldn't wait to get married and now am like, is this what it is like to be married? Couldn't wait to have kids and just after three children, I don't want any more, couldn't wait to drive my car with gogos on, now I have a driver cos am tired of driving, couldn't wait to get admission into university, then couldn't wait to get out of school again and after that............... hmmmmmmmm.

The point is- we always forget to enjoy the moment we are in at present, always looking into the future, worrying about what we don't even have control over and or what time will definitely give to us to the extent, we forget to enjoy what we have. I urge us to kindly take a moment and enjoy every moment as it may not come again. Now tell me what you couldn't wait to have or do that now you can't wait to move out lol.

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Tell me about it....

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