Adaeze Emerald Nweke - Can you marry a man that earns 25k Naira ($70 usd) monthly?"

Someone made a facebook post, "Can you marry a man that earns 25k monthly?". Then she gave her own reply as a big "No".

One Unku from nowhere now came to the comment and said "that's why women marry from the age of 36-45,cos they don't want to build with a man yada yada bla bla bla nonsense shit".

Some people don't have sense in this country walahi, who suffer help abeg?? I have been there,I have don't that. What kind of suffering will you name that I haven't suffered with a man? Is it drinking garri abi sleeping on cold hard floors or what abeg? I can't even start mentioning the stupid things I have done in the name of love and guess what,I still got cheated on with things that looked like burnt potatoes.

Not every lady has that patience, not every lady can cope with a broke guy. Not every lady can agree to stick with yo ass when you have nothing so please it's not your business if a lady says she doesn't want to stay with a broke man. There are lots of rich men out there who do not mind whether a lady loves them for their money, as long as she's pretty, she is wife material. Go and hustle, stop looking for a lady that will get a "by force" flat tummy as a result of starving with you. Most ladies refuse to be with broke guys today as a result of what they had gone through in the past, you will suffer with one idiot finish and when the money comes, he will realize you are not his type. In my own case, the guy was using my money to take care of his side bitch that dumped his ass after 3months. Oga lost her and lost Me as well cos sense fell on me when I found out. A friend called me one day crying and she said "Ada, to be good girl no dey pay abeg". What she went through can discourage somebody to fall in love sef.
Ladies,if you love a broke guy and you are happy with him,stick with him. But if it's that guy with taty billion for the akant that you want to be with,please be with him. Don't let anybody tell you trash about building together and suffering together nonsense and poverty story. No be everybody e dey Favour.
P.S: Don't come to this post to tell me nonsense,I will block you even if you are my grandmother's favorite cousin.

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