The DNA Saga By Ogeh Cynthia - Go and check the potency of your sperm...married men who wishes to conduct DNA on their children to prove THEIR wives infidelity

My name is Ogeh Cynthia(The LION Queen). I sent to you all fraternal greetings. This post is directed to all Nigeria men. I want to make it clear in unmistakable terms that This is purely a contribution to a worthy line of inquiry. Feel free to call it my prodigious output.

Dearest Nigeria married men who wishes to conduct DNA on their children to prove THEIR wives infidelity, do not let your belligerent tendencies led you to your doom. My guy, don't get overly excited on this enthusiastic prospect of catching and shaming your adulterous wife. Before you proceed to the DNA counter, before you cry those your had I known tears, please do the following.

1) Go and check the potency of your sperm to create new babies. Most men are carrying zero potency punani without knowing it. (If you are 40 years plus, and your sperm count is low, and you have publicly rejected your children because of what DNA paper said. Bros, when you become haunted and finally die from cardiac arrest/heart attack, heavy flogging is waiting for you on the other side. I trust Arch Angel Micheal's koboko whipping, The angel is a complete bad A$$. I pray Angel Micheal add Cameroon pepper to that koboko as he flogs stupidity out of your brain).
2) You must create a convincing story to tell your children. Rehearse it again and again, make it convincing enough. (B) You must find a way to erase yourself from your kids memories. I mean all their memories of you as a great dad. (C) You must find a neurologist that will erase your long term memory from the day you said "I Do" to the day the DNA said otherwise. ( Put your exit plans to test, don't be blindfolded and comatose).
3) Prepare your mind for the gigantic shame and backlash your cheering friends/families will heap on you, they will subject you to admonitory punishment. Remember, Those your friends supporting you to destroy your home, wait tiil you need their emotional and psychological support, then you will see their true colours. (Oga so you know, you are all alone in this your macabre dance of shame. You will have nothing left to show for the efforts. The effect will be shattering, prepare for it).
My final submission; Biology is not the only the only criteria for fatherhood. I will argue that building solid memories overturns any biological claims. After all, our memories is what makes us functional human beings. I am a full blooded Igbo woman, our culture and traditions had this to say about a married woman, "Any woman you marry, whatever came out of her body belongs to the husbands family" reasons why dowry and bride price is symbolic in the igbo customs. I am pretty sure, it is similar to most Nigeria cultures.

Ndi be anyi ekene kwe mu unu.

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