Healthy Skin Tips..8 things we often do that damages the skin...

Your skin is everything, and as such, it should be well cared for. A well-cared skin is a beautiful skin that glows irrespective of how old the person is. However, do you know there are some things we do that are harmful to the skin and as such it damages the skin? 
Here are some of the "skin damages" you should avoid.

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Most time we have heard of how harmful this act is to the skin. But, we still find ourselves falling victim of this act due to tiredness or laziness. Falling asleep with your makeup can lead to bacterial infections, and this can block the pores which can lead to pimples or acne. So ladies, try as much as possible to wash away the makeup before going to bed.

2.    Picking face
Yes, you feel discomfort just looking at the pimples on your face but popping the pimples won't help your skin. It will push dirt and bacteria deeper into your skin pores which will lead to an outbreak.

3.    Skipping meal
Discounted Prices Best Value Xiaomi Smart Home Collections at Zapals Most time we are all guilty of this because we hope to drop some few pounds. We forget that we need to eat healthy for our skin to glow and also look beautiful. Skipping meal do not aid weight loss instead it hasten ageing.

4.    Not drinking enough water
We cannot overemphasise the benefits derived from drinking water. Drinking enough water will not only help fight away ageing, but it will make your skin glow.
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5.    Talking for too long on the phone
Who would have known?! We spend a long time receiving a call without knowing it is harmful to our skin because it leads to breakouts and rashes along our jawline. It is advisable to use an antibacterial wipe on your phone regularly.

6.     Frowning
Quit frowning and replace it with a smile on your face. When you frown, it gives room for wrinkles.

7.    Drinking too much alcohol
Alcohol dehydrates your skin, and dehydration is not good for the skin. Without moisture, your skin is prone to wrinkles and dryness.

8.    Excessive exposure to air conditioner
Air conditioner gives room for dryness which reduces your skin moisture, and this is not good for healthy skin. And if you can't avoid it, ensure your skin stays moisturised

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