Drama between Cameroonian Actors Epule Jeffrey and Frank Sire and as take their bad blood to social media...

Drama! Frank Sire and Epule Jeffrey take their bad blood to social media.

Actors Frank Sire and Epule Jeffrey are giving us the feeling they could be the Jovi and Stanley Enow of the movie industry as they don’t mind letting the world know they have “bad blood” because once you take it to social media, well we only know what that means.

According to our inside sources, the “bad blood” between this two did not begin today as it goes way back to when leading man Epule Jeffrey began losing some of his roles to Frank Sire sighting the popular TV series ‘Rumble‘ where his role was passed on to Frank Sire before end of season one. Another source says Jeffrey is not intimidated at all by Frank but rather feels he thinks he knows too much by “claiming to be an actor, producer and director in the Cameroon film industry when he just came out of no where without any prior knowledge on what it takes to be all the above.

Ok, now that we have put you guys up to speed with the history of this bad blood, time to get into the now drama. Yesterday Frank Sire took to his Facebook with this now deleted post;

“20+ movies done still can’t afford an apartment. Let me do 10 and I will buy a small town.#keepmynameoutyamouth uhm how market.”

Though he didn’t call any names, but he did use Epule’s famous social media phrase “how market” which immediately invited Camiff 2016 best actor winner to the comment section where he post;

“It’s more than 20 Frank Sire, many thanks for the comment.”

And to confirm his post was indeed directed at fellow actor Epule Jeffrey, Frank went back in with the following explanation;

“20+ means more than 20. I’m gonna get tired of schooling some of you in this industry you know.”

Normally as teammates, we all need to work together and have a united front in order to grow but again show us one Entertainment industry without drama!

Given both actors are very talented and contributing greatly to the slowly but surely growing movie industry, we hope they can set aside their diferences, appreciate each others talent and off course work together in fostering the CFI growth.

Epule Jeffrey will in the days ahead be attending the movie premier of his latest movie ‘Breach of trust’ in the UK while Frank Sire just round up shooting of his movie ‘Apple for two’ featuring Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari and Nollywood’s comedian Bishop Emeh. Clearly we can see both actors got it going on!


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