Collette orji - ***Women & Their Unsatisfactory sexual pleasures complaints ***

No woman wants a 'one-minute' man as they call it, but these women have no idea that No man Also wants an 'I'm Tired' woman all day long.

While those who are single & also dating and living apart are dying to have daily sex & jump at the excitements & dream about sex every time they are to meet their boyfriends, some married couples and those living together are actually running away from it.

Most women cannot do little sports😝. They are as lazy as an oversized stomach! Walk they cannot, run they cannot, dance they won't. Yet, when it comes to sex, they will be opening their loud mouths as big as mine to complain. Some say he is a one minute man, he's got a very small manhood and he doesn't even last, neither does he ever even wait for me to attain orgasm too. Tell these women to take the lead- No, Lazy. Tell them to try different sex positions-No, Lazy.

Tell them to help in making love making exciting - No, Lazy. Some women can be so sexually Boring!!! Especially WIVES!!! To moan sef they cannot. Yet they just keep complaining, he's a one minute man, I don't even get it - Are these men suppose to be some 30 minutes man? I mean, Just Saying- What are you doing grinding in on a woman for so long? Is it some marathon for 100yards? Any man who does not take his time to be submissive to his woman especially during lovemaking is a very wicked man😉 Abeg Wives, make Una dey Try too small or just take whetting God Give you & Stop blabbing.

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