Collette Orji - Women!!! Don't Marry Men who don't know how to cook...

Yes! I have said it. I can see women screaming Coco has come again and I can hear the men saying Abomination! (Flips Hair Don't cuurrrrrrr)

Last year, I learned a certain pastor made this statement boldly, and to tell you the truth, why should any man marry a woman who DON'T KNOW how to cook also. But you see, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Equal..... Equality of the sexes. That's my mantra.

Love is not meant Only for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. That Love you see in movies & read in Books & those amazing couples you love & adore are Not entirely FICTIONAL. It's been love, respect, equality, Care, Selflessness & excess trials & disagreements!

Marriage like Anything you are working hard to achieve, like an exam, like Life itself IS NOT EASY and my wonders Marriage is a long time 'SOMETHING ' so you see, you scratch my back, I pamper your chest.

Those women who wake up with breakfast served to them on the bed is not fiction. Those men who open car doors for their wives, it's not imaginary, Those men who bathe their kids and pick them up from school and change their diapers- It's not a story on CocowondersblogAddicts, It is real and Happening every day.

The marriage bondage amidst my Nigerian folks is alarming, sickening and outright disdainful. It kills the young and discourages the single. There's almost no hope for my African ( I love restricting ) to Nigerian marriages. The women have become Hopeless lovers glued on Telemundo and fairy tale Philippines movies as their escape for what they deem IMPOSSIBLE in their own lives and marriages. The only message they hear & listen to every day from their husbands is I am the head of this house and submission!

*Tufiakwa! Abomination!Modern Day Slavery & Stupid patriarchy hierarchy that has no foundations in Today's world.

** Some of these men have zero submission spirit sef, simple to lick a woman properly and let her moan from the joy of his tongue on her clitoris, they would not do. Very insubordinate men, Zero submission in their spirit and to worsen it... some will come here & type Coco the Bible says and pastor says***
If all you can ever say on my post is Bible say & pastor say I urge and advise you to keep your comment & go to your timeline & preach. I have Muslim & Hindu & Buddhist & atheist friends so shove that down your Anus.
How can a human being NOT know how to cook YET eats 5 times a day At least? What kind of Mumu & 'NONSENSICAL NONSENSES' is this?

What is more important than daily consumption of food?Who goes without food willingly daily? You eat every day, some eat 5 times sef and yet they cannot cook?
You have to chose where you belong oh- you cannot cook, you cannot make noodles sef and you have so much money to employ a regular cook and you can afford it. Great!!! I will have no reason to make such lengthy post.

But you see these African men oh, marrying a woman because of FOOD! I'm telling you oh, because of food. And the women will come here and respond my pastor say and the Bible says.... and others will say it's love.

This love, that makes you CEO of Cook and Cook Wife - does it have a penis Only?

The worst is these women will be here now saying Single girls, single girls when deep in their hearts they know they are just Cook Wives.
Do you know the worst one? A man will take a girl to his family who will wait to eat her food and the family will say you cannot marry her because she didn't cook well... Kai!!! Women 'Haff'suffered oh bikonu.

With all your life achievement, a man didn't marry you because of food.
Did you test him in the kitchen too? Mba!! Abomination how can you test the man in the kitchen too. Hehehehehehhe Stay there na and be watching Telemundo live Chanel and become a WISHER.

When will all these Nonsense stop? When will women get these shit right? Why are women In Africa and My Nigeria going to see that 'You need to give yourself Value' and develop yourself and earn your own Benjamins & Stop been reduced to nothing but cook wives?

A man and his wife work in the bank. They have 2 kids under 10. The woman wakes up earlier, prepares everything for both the kids and her husbandman then still makes it for work early oh. She has someone who picks up these kids from school. She rushes home to prepare for dinner for the kids and husbandman even when they close at the same time. He comes back late because he went for a drink with the boys and you open your leg and have sex and prepare for tomorrow. As if that's not enough he even has a 'side chick abi side married ashawo woman'... Then you find out and break down and they tell you to watch WAR ROOM & PRAY FOR HIM... Abomination!!! May God Punish Devil Again and again!!!

Women, please stop flooding my emails with the same stories over & over! Give yourselves some value and leave me alone. If you like, keep hating publicly and admiring me in your heart and be fooling yourselves MADAME WIVES....

If you are not yet married - please keep investing in yourselves, search For the man if you want, ask him out, take him home to your family and let him cook then call everyone to come see if he knows how to cook, well then marry him and make him a househusband !!!!!!

Nonsensical Nonsenses Everywhere!!!!!

Thanks For Reading...
Allrights reserved, Collette Orji, 2017

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