Collette Orji Talks on Individual Reasons For Marriage - Even Love Has A Reason...( Watch)...

Everyone marries for a reason! Yes! Everyone. I say so!!! And we all know this truth. Everywhere you read, ladies and some pastors be 'forming advice' saying things like 'Don't Marry because everyone around you is married' YET all the married women and men know that they all married for a reason. Let's start with me and my big mouth!!!

 I Love Marriage. I love being married. I prefer being married. I love the companionship that comes with marriage. I would always prefer being married than being unmarried HENCE You should know I must love cuddling. There are lots of you there with your shinning eyes reading this, you know why you married your Spouse. Yes! I'm talking to you... and You.. Yes you know Why.
  On the Same Road The Economic Belt And New Silk Road Extra 10% OFF Absolutely Everything at ZapalsThat's why you didn't marry the guy down your street who has been pestering you for ages, That's why you didn't marry the girl that has been washing and cooking for you and that's why the single ladies who are still fasting are still waiting for that one that they want and the old bachelors are still checking out and sampling women after women because they have something they want. Our great grand mothers and some of our mothers didn't have that choice. It was an honour and pride for a man to point the woman and family she wanted, even then- the men still had the upper hands. Some men marry women Cause they are beautiful, others because they are Famous, others because they are wealthy or come from a wealthy home, others because they are cook wives and humble, others so they can fill the house with 'Babies'.... etc whatever it is, they did it because Yes, everyone around them was getting married. They just needed their own reason. It is called CHOICE! Most Women marry because he's rich, because of their age, because of tribe etc etc. bottom line is everyone marries for a reason! There's only one way your marriage will work and you can be happy. Only one way. YOU MUST REMEMBER WHY YOU GOT MARRIED. If it was for money? How far? How market? Better stay there and enjoy the money oh or if it is finished ... You are on your own! If it was because she's so beautiful, better stay there and enjoy that beautiful body or if she's gone ugly after child birth and age... You are on your own. You must stay there oh. Some girls are shouting I know Jane married Nnamdi because he lives abroad... Is it easy? If it is easy Go and marry your own abroad husband. Guys will be like I know she married that man because of his money... Story! Is it easy? If it is easy go and make your own money so that your own girl will come. Give yourselves Your own reason to Marry 'If You want to marry oh, No be by force to marry' ... most importantly REMEMBER WHY YOU DID Because after people come chop Jellof Rice and Dance Skelewu.... You are On Your own. *Everytime we forget why we chose our spouses... Problems & multiple problems* Collette Orji, 2017 Thanks for reading ...#ToMoreThanWeCanAllBe✌🏽

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