Collette Orji - The Suffering and Unhappy Wife AKA Madame Married Woman (MRS)

Some women think getting Married and Making Babies is some form of Competition. I beg to Differ.

I have a sister that we did a lot of ISH and gossiped together all the time. We always Gist and had so much to talk about. We are both married now and we reconnected on the phone some years back.
We spoke for about 30 minutes and everything she said was My Husband this and that and I also realized that I said My Husband too.

When I dropped that phone call, I was really Hurt, unhappy and felt Like she successfully pulled me to her level of identity CRISIS. I promised myself, that's never happening again.
I don't like referring to 'my husband as my husband'. He's got a name and I'm so in love with his name that I have no idea what I'll do If they punish me to not use his name anymore.
When, I have to discuss with my friends, colleagues and all, I would rather they address my husband by his name as I surely would also. I cannot stand that discussion with friends or family members trying to always identify themselves with my husband this and that... Who No Get Husband Sef? ''Nonsenses''
Meanwhile, I haven't spoken with this my sister on the phone for over a year now. I write when I need to. I don't want to hear my husband this and that. Too low for my peace. We used to have so much to talk about when we were unmarried. If we have been reduced to my husband this and that - then, of course, we are sisters does not mean we must be friends. This is how girls go about trying to intimidate, oppress and make their friends 'INTENTIONALLY' feel bad or some type of way because of another human.
They do that to make you feel bad or remind you that they are married because their lives are so empty and void of personal development that the only identity they can claim to have is MRS....''nonsenses'' Most of these women even have no life. They cannot cook spaghetti in their homes without seeking permission from the so call husbandman.
They tell you, Oh... I had a dream that you just got married
They take permission to be on Facebook, they take permission to post a picture of both of them, they take permission to visit their mother, they take permission to laugh out loud, they take permission to pray..they practically take permission to be alive and breathe and they are so unhappy and wish so badly to be you and live your freedom married life that. If you entertain their low self-esteem into your communications they will be insulting you politely in order to bring you to their level. *I had a dream that you are PREGNANT. *I had a dream that you will get a job. *I had a dream that you will have A BOY CHILD

**Should I continue?

Enemies of progress with smiley faces, low self-esteem, identity crisis, envy in their hearts, and all they see when they pray is you. They never see the PLANKS in their eyes and lives.
I end such communications and backwards discussions immediately. My peace and happiness is not second to ''NONSENSES''
Thanks so much for reading...
allrights reserved ©, Collette Orji, 2017

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