Collette Orji - The Stupidity of Competition and the Reality of truly being Contented...

So, I hope the true meaning of this post and intentions are positively acknowledged and my intentions passed across meaningfully - but just in case you chose to call me any name you want, you are right 'flips hair'
I get emails, calls, inboxes of so many folks requesting for money and so much more from me.You see, sometimes, they are extended family members, relatives far and wide, some contacts, fans and all that. You see, sometimes, I decide to go through the pages of those requesting all these things from me and more often that not 'i am SHOCKED'
Shop Amazon Devices- $30 off Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo The hair they wear, the clothes they wear, the bags, their lifestyles on social media, their minute by minute post everyone 10 seconds, they are everywhere on social media morning to night quoting the Bible, insulting people, bragging about a new roasted chicken they took or totally displaying their slay queens and slay kinds beaute. This could be worrisome. You know! I can assure you from these folks pages, they must be richer, wealthier, more fashionable, more brilliant and funkier than me. They look so posh and awesome and rock and I'm even so glad they doing so well - I mean from their post too. So, I don't know how to correlate, their lifestyles and their asking from me. It's like Mystic powers, how can someone who appears to have so much more than you be asking you sometimes for less than $50 in most cases. You need to see their phones and Gosh, their makeups - all on FLEEK...and I know how makeup can be unnecessarily expensive sometimes, talk more about their beautiful Laces. So, this is me looking back at how much I've spent on myself in 12 months... From May 2016 to may 2017... Hair - I have spent approximately $50 on my hair. MakeUp - $75 on makeup. Shoes - $250 on my shoes. Clothes - $200. Bags - I think I'm very guilty here...Let me think about this ....I'll let this That's how far I can go on a public forum.
I have people asking for house rents, Bills, Bills Bills, and I sit and like I said...These folks are even wealthier than me.

All rights reserved © Collette Orji,2017
All rights reserved © Collette Orji,2017

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