Collette Orji - Stay away from anyone who 'brings out' the FAKENESS in You ...

We all have that one friend or group of friends whom we must LIE to KEEP up with them. I know some people will wanna come for me on this one or claim they don't have any such friends or live such Fake Lives, Foul fowl f-o-w-l. Well, except for me - I DON'T !!! At least, Not anymore for about let's say 15 Years Now.
The first thing I tell those who are very close to me is that - I AM NOT NICE! I am too boring, too focused, too serious, too proud, too confident, too honest, too kind, too blunt, too family oriented But No, I AM NOT NICE, Rather I am too Mean. 

One more thing I forgot to add, I am too CHEAP! I don't really like over expensive clothing, maybe it's because I am a Broke Girl or stuffs like that, But I try really hard to avoid very expensive clothing. 

The day I realised that no matter the prize or cost of what I put on, irrespective of how expensive it is, I WILL STILL BE MORE BEAUTIFUL, MORE VALUABLE, MORE IMPORTANT than them, that's when I stopped letting such things and such friends Bother me.

Get yourself out of Bondage my wonders, That friend that you must keep up with fakeness to be their friend, that occasion that you must lie your way, by all means, to attend - LET IT GO! 

You see, some people grew up so poor that little things trip them, they make too much noise about it, others grew up so rich that, it doesn't make any difference to them, some have worked too hard to achieve what they have, and they feel they have their rights to rock it, You see, whatever you do...Please make sure you are not LYING TO YOURSELF, because who will help you out yourself. You will need therapy to escape that type of problem, and hopefully, it won't be too late for you. 

When I travel around airports and countries, I push my trolley myself. 
When I drive my car on the roads, I CONCENTRATE. 
When I come back from groceries, I carry even my water rack myself. 
When I don't know how to cook a meal, I search on youtube or call someone and try it out. 
When I don't have money to finish up a very important rewarding stuff, I ask my friends or family. 
 You see, I really truly don't Bother anymore. I have seen how sweet life is, and I have experienced the pain of DEATH, I know how sweet a good and beautiful marriage can be and I Know how Ugly a marriage can be. 
 I know what being unmarried looks like in Nigeria, In Africa, as a woman, over 30, and I Know what being married looks like. When I bought curtains for my apartment, I climb on some chair and get a hammer and fit them myself... The things I cannot do, I always ask for help and I damn well pay for services rendered. I get an electrical appliance, I try to do the connections. 

Why am I telling you guys these things? Because when Y'all call me SLAY QUEEN, You think I hang my legs somewhere and things are being done for me. Hell No! So, when you read my articles, Know one thing, I am the most real Dope you should align with because I've found beauty in Life, amidst even the difficult days. Stay away from friends whom you need to lie to keep up with, avoid people who live above their means of livelihood. If you use to envy those who you think have everything at their beg and call, remember these two Things:-
 1- Life is Not a competition and 

2- Everyone is going through their own Unique Battles. 

**Make No Mistakes Though - I am absolutely ALLERGIC to Bullshit** 

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