Collette Orji - The Spiritual Problem That Stems From The Religious Brainwash Mentality...

Hmmm, Coco has come again! I can hear that loudly even behind my computer as my hand's type with the sweet computer clicks.

*All these people who 'Informally & Formerly' charge me for everything and anything goes to church and freely dash pastors and man of gods their money and time freely and willingly...FREE OF CHARGE!*

***So, i received this letter from some 'one of the many people' telling me the pastor says 'She's under Spiritual Attack', and that the pastor said the attack is coming from one of their neighbours and she will be fine once they move out of that compound, So, technically, if I can help raise money for rent in the new compound.
**I read, and read and read that inbox, and read again and the bondage and level of greed I see from some of our brothers and sisters is Freaking Real...

*You go to church Monday through Sunday and give them your money, your time, your services, morning to night free of charge shouting at the top of your voices and singing and dancing 'SKELEWU'

*You go from sister Adama's House to Brother Peters house, from Pastor daddy's house to Mrs pastor mummy's house, free of service, giving all your reasoning and common sense to 'Manner From Above' then suddenly, You call me on the phone to do your biddings for free.

*The pastor says you have a spiritual problem caused by your neighbour... What is the job of the pastor then?
*He says you need to move out of your current house...What's the job of the pastor again?
*Who did you pay your offering and Tithes to? The Pastor.
* Who do you work for and offer your time and services to freely? The Pastor.
*Even to follow me to eat, You charge me...
You see, I always have needs to call folks in Nigeria, My 'ONE' Nigeria. Whenever I do someone to help me get anything done, I try to make it a bit comfortable for that person or it won't be done. I understand time is money so  I kinda politely pay for time used and consumed. 
 I once paid phone charging Bill From London so someone can SAVE a phone number to give my Mother. 
Directly and indirectly, they kinda charge me for everything.
*All these has really got me thinking... Oh! I've been thinking like this since I was born so don't worry, I usually wander in thoughts.

Let me just leave it like for now... 
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Collette Orji, 2017

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