Collette Orji - Only the mother of a child knows the father of that child...That to an extent is still true...

Most Nigerian 'Husbands', especially the ones in based in Nigeria, are the best boyfriends to 'Aspiring' single ladies who have been sweet tongue and need to compete with their SLAY friends publicly, and of course, they know these men don't bother them with plenty sexual ask.

You and I know that the married man in Nigeria 'Cheats' for a living and is even hotter and needed than the single eligible men who are still trying to put their lives together. So, Yes! if you want to see a typical marriage where the wife has become Mrs Tolerate and Prayer Warrior and the husband is Mr Provider and I paid your dowry, remember that...You can visit my country Nigeria.

So, men, husbands, fathers sleeping, having sexual relationships, being intimate with other girls/women is so common, random, and expected that - For a long time, I took off marriage from my dictionary.It is Horrible in Nigeria because the women say 'The fact that a man cheats on you does not mean that he doesn't love you' and the next thing is - they start praying for the husbands to stop cheating.....What a Job!!!
DNA issue is trending on social media and everyone has an opinion about it of course because it is quite sensitive. How many men carry out DNA on their kids to be sure it is indeed their biological children? How many? The issue that brought about the whole DNA issue has to do with the man whom because he was suspicious, carried out DNA on his 5 kids and ONLY One of the five was his.
I've told you guys that I don't laugh off serious issues right?...I'm sorry, I cracked up hard when I read this. Why? Because I've written to you all that cheating and promiscuity is not ONLY for the man. It is also for the woman. You know most men don't know that women cheat. They seem to think that their wives are ANGELS and the girls they cheat with are Devils, I don't even know how that works even when they see these same supposed devilish girl wedding every other weekend in the country.
Men are getting paid back in their own coin and it's even more expensive. The women bring you other people's children and you raise them for all their lives. The day the women get tired, they rub it on your face or simply tell the kids, he's not your dad, especially as them Husbands are never around and those that are around are constantly maltreating their wives.

Women, for a long time, I've had a wicked evil smile by the side of my lips as I say 'UNA SHOW THEM PEPPER'.
Let them keep disgracing you around with everything younger and luscious, there just might be that driver, or man around ready to help you forget your pains as you PRAY AND FAST FOR HIM TO STOP CHEATING - Hilarious right? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

***Keyword in marriage is FIDELITY, if you know you can't be with one woman under the marriage court law, please don't marry and vice versa to the women***

I had fun and a funny grin on my face writing this post. Men and women can definitely equally enjoy and for those my Nigerian brothers and sisters...Keep FOOLING yourselves in the name of marriage....Rubbish 

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Allrights reserved ©, Collette Orji, 2017*

Allrights reserved ©, Collette Orji, 2017*


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