Collette Orji - Off All Things Confusion, Religious Folks are the Most Confused...And They Know It But are Helpless...

You see, as a child wearing shorts and mini was innocently beautiful and lovely. And as I grew up more, it was a difficult balance as sometimes my mother would say, Nne please change your shorts, or your skirts because it's too short ...But she never felt the need for me to wear 'Pants' (trousers) to church. Today, I'm not even sure about going to church.

All the Igbo female children, girls NEVER wore trousers, not even to farm. It was weird, funny, and they would join in groups to advise me to stop wearing trousers because I'm a woman and It's a sin.
Sometimes, some of the young girls wouldn't play with me, come close to me because I wear trousers, their mamas' warned them to stay clear of me.Some even came to my mum to advise her to stop me from wearing trousers (i will give you my mums reply another day). But you see, it went on and on till I was in high school.
By high school, I even added an anklet on my legs, these girls knew I was committing Abomination in broad daylight. But all the girls loved and envied me.They said because my parents 'permit' me to wear trousers, some hid trousers in their school bags, some changed behind their homes and changed back to their long skirts...

Surprisingly, None of them came close to me at result time among these Igbo long skirt, long gown sinless girls.
So, most of these girls are in Nigeria today, western world, scattered all around and they 'SLAY' with 100% latest tight distressed jeans, pants, makeup, crop tops and gold plated anklets as I see them both in Nigeria and on Facebook... All I can say is Na Wa-oh.... Eh, hen! So, this my abomination makes sense die like this?
You see, there are no Democratic, Republican, PDP, APC, Christian, Pagan Children....there are only Children of these Parents. Children are innocent.
We grow up, we ask questions, how, why, when, Why should I, when should I, should I, should I not?
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Be curious, ask questions, make new decisions, change the things that do not suit you within the confinements of the legal laws of your nation.

***Refuse to practice old unfounded principles, for even your forefathers keep adjusting theirs, for the good of mankind from laws that have become harmful***

And today, till date...these are still a topic among some 'frustrated Newest religious folks' who have refused to ask why and yet they use Instagram and Facebook and cell phones and they even do WhatsApp... 
To them, they won't be westernised because they live in Africa and unable to procure visas yet, they used the Internet.

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 Collette Orji, 2017

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