Collette Orji - No Man is the Head of Any Woman and No Woman Is the Head Of Any Man...Husband Or Wife...No One is More Important or More Equal than the Other...

All Humans are Equal, Born the same way via Birth, Die the same way called Death. 

There's this Power I have in the shower that I've been grooming to become a superpower! I think, My mind wonders, I'm calm, eyes closed. 

Sometimes my brain becomes too active, I just wanna jump out and start typing...

This post was born right under the shower.

Your teacher in school who was female, who was maybe your history, chemistry, maths or maybe biology female teacher - Did they have any restriction on what they should tutor their students on because they are female teachers? I mean, does the syllabus of a class differ with respect to the sex of the teachers?

When the judge in a courtroom is female, Does she proceed according to her biology or sex? Like, a female judge Must not find a criminal guilty because she's female,  and only male judges give final declarations and judgment?

Inside your classroom, when the teacher lectures, does he say all boys learn Energy in Physics and girls study only Power? Like, in the classroom of both females and males, does the lecturer separate what females should learn and what males should learn?

When they are reading the news on the TV Say CNN...females must listen only to the situation room with Wolf Blitzer and males can listen to Anderson Cooper both of the same CNN Chanel.
The journalist reading the news must read the parts for females separately from the male parts. 

When you go to the grocery store, males must buy only vegetables and females must buy plantains or maybe, they switch. 
The cashier at the store can collect only $5 from females irrespective of the cost of their items or only $4 from men irrespective of the cost of their item.

Women must be seated on a particular kind of seat on the plane no matter how much she has to buy her ticket while the man must be seated on another kind of seat. 

Female air hostess can only serve tea while the males can serve snacks.

When you want to buy your plane ticket for a trip, or pay a cab, or pay your phone bills or purchase an item, you scan your face and your breast as female, you pay less than someone who is a man.

Facebook recommends only males to open an account and females can post only pictures. Girls can post only one picture on Instagram and Boys can only comment without posting.
Boys eat food through their mouth and girls eat food through their Anus...

***You see, I can go on and on and on and I still get to the same thing...

How is a man more important than a woman, how is a man the head of another equally human being? 
How! How!How! I've thought about this all my life until I don't even know anymore.

How can a man, a human being, Just seat and declare himself the head of another human being, his equal, in some cases his wife... 
What Changed? His Biology? His genitalia? How? How? How?

In the western world, the men and women all share bills to run their homes effectively for their own good.Some men live with women who owned their homes and vice versa.

A man does not make a child alone, a woman does not make a child alone, even at that, both a man and woman came out from the UTERUS of a woman....

So, please...How is one unequal to another? In what way? By what measure? In what democracy? who voted.

A woman can choose to answer her name after marriage or chose to answer her husband's name. 

A man can choose to answer his wife's name after marriage or keep his name. 

None of them is wrong or right. It is called Human Right and not Penis right versus Vagina Right.

 You are a boy or a girl ...

Very soon now, Transgenders and Bisexuals will even say they deserve it more.

Man dies, a woman dies, man is born as an infant, the woman is born as an infant. They both grow up as infants to Adulthood... 

I'll Drop my pen now.... The Thoughts of Coco Wonder when she looks at life through Her 'Little Mind' 

You are Entitled To Use Your Brain For yourself!!!

Allrights reserved © Collette Orji,2017
Thanks For Reading...ToMoreThanWeCanAllBe

Allrights reserved © Collette Orji,2017

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