Collette Orji - Married Women are Now On Rampage!!! They are on a Cheating SPREE Now! Beware Of These married women. They Lusting after Your HUSBANDS...

Often times people will be screaming, men cheat, all men cheat, blah blah blah. I have always asked, who do these men cheat with? Fowls or Pigs? Don't they cheat with Other women? I know we have acknowledged the fact that women cheat REAL GOOD.

 Today I bring to your attention the new normal, Married Women are now competing with the Side Chics on who will bring the Cheating Prize home.

If you are a married woman, don't feel cool and calm because your husband was just acting out of character with some married woman and you say, Oh! well, that one is married. My wonders, this thing I'm telling you is no Joke oh. I wish I'm in the spirit of name-calling, I would have TOLD YOU more, but the fear of married women around your partner is the beginning of Awareness.

You see, so many 'OTHER' Women and wives want your husbands also. You know how are some men ARE lusting after their friend's wives right? Women are game changers. They have taken over the game. Wives now are lusting over their friends' husbands and will do anything to f**k the hell out of your husband. This Sh*t is real and I'm not joking.

You find wives who spend hours chatting with your husband telling HIM everything in her home, how her husband maltreats her, disrespects her, no feeding money, no kids fees money, and how their husbands are cheating with some other girl, and they just keep talking, telling these to your husband, in most cases, they haven't even ever met your husband in real life oh. 

They send a friend request and start telling your husband everything about their lives on Facebook and Whatsapp, having absolutely inappropriate conversations and when you the wives find out, you hear Oh No, It's Mr Leos wife or its Mr Jeffereys's wife...Huge lies.

The fear of these married women is too real to ignore. Don't be carried away with all the people your husband introduce you to as it's Jacobs wife or my aunty's son's child. It's all lies, lies, lies. 
Take every word with a pinch of salt and make sure you verify and if you don't feel right about any bullshit relationship, end it. Never neglect that Gut Feeling inside you. 

*Married women are on a rampage, widows are on a rampage, divorced women are on a rampage, I marry Oyibo WOMEN are on A Rampage*

My brother's sister's child is on a rampage. Listen to your gut, your instincts. The only sister and brother are the one from direct parents. Every other cousin or step sis or step brother is Grammar and so much OF IT  is total bullshit. They are now 'cousining' themselves in the holy ghost Naked.

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