Collette Orji - The man knows when he wants to marry you and the woman knows when the relationship is unhealthy & Probably won't work...

We all have heard of the word INTUITION Abi? Let me use google one more time for all of us for that word.

*The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning* Like in this sentence ''we shall allow our intuition to guide us"

synonyms: instinct, intuitiveness; 
More like a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.

Women in particular are very Intuitive! They are Intuition KINGS

Women always know that, that man will RUIN them, that man won't give them happiness, that man will put them into problems, that man is LEACHING, that man is a capital MORON, but guess what? They still carry their heads & Jam it with Fire so that they can come & be paying for both therapy session or watch War Room or run for deliverance from pastor to pastor or better still.... Run around on Facebook and shout with their Tiny Voices - MEN ARE WICKED!!!!
Don't Mind women! I know them very well. As a matter of stating truths, I am one of them. Except I received common sense to OWN my Intuitions & Apply them.
Men always, always know that they want a certain woman as well. They meet you, talk briefly for 15 minutes and they have decided if you are one night or weekend or casual or long distance or mistress or wife.
Now, I want to change a stereotype here. Women also meet a man, they know he's either one night, money bank, weekend, casual, long distance, etc. we all always alway always KNOW!!!!
Now, the question begs for answers!!! Why do we then put our heads on FIRE even when this Intuition, this Guts, this common sense, this knowledge tells us otherwise?
Answer that I found out after hitting my head on my phone for hours:
Dear Women, please Know when to pack out. Know when to end things. When you don't have respect & Honesty & Care after doing your human best - Please build up yourself & LET IT GO.
Dear Men, Please Know when to leave & walk away. If you cannot offer respect, Love & Honesty or you don't receive it as well - Please LET IT GO.
Let us all Live & Let Live❤️.

Thanks for reading ...
Collette Orji, © 2017

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