Collette Orji - ***If Your Husband CANNOT give you a child, Please Marry Another Husband***

You see, for so many centuries, women have been so enslaved, so abused, so maltreated, so disgraced and embarrassed publicly and globally that, I don't know if society has sat back to understand what they did to women.

A couple will get married and they are doing whatever it takes for them to make babies.

Without any medical check ups, no knowledge of the menstrual cycle, ovulation, no enhancement methods, nothing to check at all, the man's friends, families will advise him to go marry another woman. Just like that!!! Just like that, they become Lord and Jury.

Men have impregnated maids, side chicks on and on and on, and their defence has been because my wife could not give me a child, THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE MAID AND SIDE CHICKS BROUGHT THE CHILD FROM!!!

Women have been soooo embarrassed that, men have even impregnated maids and other multiple women, for STUPID CAPITAL REASONS like a MALE child.
So, much has happened, is happening and will continue to happen. So, since what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, If Your Husband cannot give you a child, I advise you to MARRY another Husband. Nonsenses!!!

***Anyways, I love women so much, they have showed these men Real PEPPER!!!

 They have been 'Chopping' and cleaning Mouth since 1800 and bringing Plenty 'Other' Men's seeds in to their homes Since 1600 and the men have raised these children Well.

Nonsenses Everywhere!!! ...#TomorethanIcanBe Allrights Reserved, Collette Orji, © 2017

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