Collette Orji - If Biafra was to vote today for independence from Nigeria, I will Not vote Biafra...

Growing up in my house years back, you will get lessons from these two statements from family
'Anyone who has money has sense, and the other was, anything that you don't know is more than you'

This is why, in this my grand self-developed life, I try to stay in the lane of the things that I know, as much as I can which is why I love to read more so I can know more.
I will not Vote for Biafra if there was a vote today, right now for Biafran democracy and Boy! something I pride myself in is my ability and freedom to ask questions like why, how, when, how can we and why should we....because I have a right to ask questions, so I ask.
Some will say I've either been paid, or I'm anti-Igbo or maybe I've been westernised. But you see, whichever one you chose, You are right within your own rights.
I am pro-Nigeria, I would love to remain Nigerian and see it continually as a federation. Are there a million things that are not okay? yes! they are. I understand that but you see, I also know the IGBO PEOPLE. needless to lecture me on our industrious abilities, our ability to own onitcha market and all that, Sorry, I have travelled the world widely and I can say with my personal money so spare me those obvious details.
My dad said it repeatedly, and I see it every day, or I've seen it for 30 years now,  If what I see in the current Igbo natures, families, lifestyle, religious Blindness, comics and comedians on serious matters on social media, broad arrogance, greed, abuse of womanhood and all these corrupt and inability to grow cities and engage humanity is why I should vote for Biafra, sorry...Count me out, after all, I may just be only one person.
Or maybe, it is the worship of 'Nnamdi Kanu' or another form of the world's growing problem I read around called 'Judaism' or maybe the arrogant approach of forcing other states and cities into the Biafran maps...
The Igbos, my tribe originally, ....Let me just take my tea that my hubby just served me now. I am still on my timeline, my lane... Religion and Poverty and Greed continues to rule my people

Collette Orji,2017

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