Collette Orji - The Igbo Action Of Dowry On A Woman For Marriage & 'The List' Should be Scrapped Off, Banned Or Be Completely Revised***

Once Again, Actress Tonto Dikeh is trending and today it's about She paying The 'Dowry', as against the norm of men paying the dowry as it is, in Nigeria.
I've always encouraged women to be strong, be hardworking, be humans and if they see a man they like and he's single, they should equally approach him, ask him out and they should propose to the man once he's the kinda specs they need. 

So, The women should go ahead and marry the man as they so please if they 'desire' marriage. So, this said, now women know, there's nothing wrong with that. A man is a human being just like you, so please can I hear an Amen in the house?

This Woman and wife submission crap, male chauvinist and egoistic Jingoism, inhuman nonsense of dowry in my land, country and amidst my people is no more Valid in my opinion and has become harmful and extremely dangerous in today's world, to the struggle for gender equality and has skyrocketed polygamy and domestic violence.
I've been so offended about these things and practices for so long that, I'm happy to have finally grown up enough and be vocal about it on my page, my timeline, my internet, my time, and my ever growing mind.
**Afterall I paid Your dowry!!! That Single Line sounded over and over in my head as a child watching families fight. Everywhere I went to, I heard it.**
**Are you the one marrying the man or is it the man marrying you!!! I've heard this so many times that I've been unable to define it from every dictionary.**
**Don't you know that he's the man, and he is the head of the house and you MUST Him?.....This gives me permanent Malaria.**
**A MAN IS TALKING, AND EVEN YOU, A WOMAN IS TALKING, DON'T YOU READ YOUR BIBLE? Now, this line is one of the reasons I really don't go to church no more literally.**
I'm getting soo tired! Really Too tired. I was thinking of advising all women in the igbo land to bow down immediately their HEADS and Lords and Man of the House steps into the house, THEN WORDS FAILED ME.
Please, those of you women who are saying that Husbands are scarce, Listen to me, Most of the real people I know are men, and they said Wives are scarce too. Listen to me, Money is scarce too, Good jobs are scarce too, Nepa light in Nigeria sef is scare too, Good health is scarce too. Hello....Everything is becoming scarce please, please LADIES, Rise up for your daughters and the future generation.
I know too many women who had their court weddings and entered their houses and are also called married women...they spent about 25,000naira or $100 to achieve this.
Please, Please, Getaway from these men and women in the village who are disturbing your lives with dowry and all these unnecessary expenses, they are doing what they know, that is all they knew. You cannot blame them.
You know more, for you live in the age of Facebook and Whatsapp - Free Your generation, please.
**Maya Angelou - Do the best you can in life when you know more, then do better**
No marriage is a guarantee, no, no one. But the day you agreed to put a man through so much stress with a long list of request, heartbreaks, and pains to raise money and come to pay for you with money....well, technically that's the DAY YOU BECAME HIS PROPERTY!!! You can sing symbol from now till tomorrow- ( I'm on my timeline).
It's becoming almost impossible to find one married 'Happy' Woman amidst my people. The stories are so scary to the yet 'unmarried' and makes them very prejudiced.
Is Marriage some Kind of BONDAGE?
Now, I understand we did these things those days because that was all we knew as well...Please, protect your daughters from this and End this modern mental slavery and madness.

***I will continue this article when I'm no more angry, and I will stop saying these things when I no more have data and that's probably in the year 3000***

Thanks For reading...

Collette Orji,© 2017

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