Collette Orji - *** End The Modern Slavery Of The List & Dowry Over Your Life Or Accept Your Position & Enjoy Humiliation***

You are already married and these things were already done. I understand. Declare today that, You now know more and you won't let both your male and female kids to subscribe to modern Slavery.

The Bible told its readers that Slave trade was okay. They bought and sold humans as slaves. Abraham in the Bible was given permission by his wife Sarah to Have sex and bare a child with his Slave and yes, no one asked the slaves permission. You see, when these people recite their bible quotations to you, they make sure they Omit The complete version thereby selling Half Baked Truths.

If you know you don't keep the 10 commandments everyday in your life and the new commandment of loving your neighbors as your self every day, be careful how you respond on my page. ( go to your page & rant )

The only thing those men in Nigeria preach is HEAD OF THE HOUSE & SUBMISSION. As women, both in Africa and in diaspora, the world is evolving daily and imagine, even my uncle who didn't go to primary school uses Facebook. 
So, you see! Don't tell me about civilization. Imagine, Make-Up is now a well respected job and profession and people go to make-up schools.

Free Your daughters from mental and modern slavery. Teach them value and hardwork . Empower them to greatness. 
Teach you sons to acknowledge the importance of their own food for their stomach & be free from mental modern Slavery.

At the end of the day - this is all that matters, Respect & Love. And anyhow you live, You will still die. 
( who cares what happened to the dead).

Make a choice to Live for something & Modern Slavery is Not One of them!!!
Slave trade has been abolished. Stop selling women as bride price.

Collette orji, © 2017...


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