Collette Orji - The Disease Of Likeness, To be Liked & The Reality Of Difference...

Don't you just love it when people like You? What a beautiful feeling right? Unfortunately, Some people like you, some will grow to like you, Some just won't & don't like you. 

In all of the above cases - They are right & It's more of their business than yours. Deal with it as you may. It is what it is.

So many women fought for us to be able to do simple things like wear trousers to church today as women.
Distinct men and women fought so hard, lives lost, blood shed for us to be able to live freely today.

Do you know how old Facebook is? Or Uber or can you remember when cell phones came to your city? Can you picture exactly what you were doing five years ago at this same time? Do you think you have changed a lot?
Personally, I think I've grown up so much in the last 5 years and I realized I've not even started... yea, That's right!
Do you think any of the things I mentioned above could have happened if all they care about was who liked them and who didn't like them?
Do you think I will keep on writing my strongest believes and right of opinion publicly if all I cared about was who liked them and who don't like them?
Don't you get it? When do you really want to get it right? What is stopping you from looking deep into your life & Bubble? How dare you lock up yourself & follow in line waiting for things to happen even when you do not work to make it happen?
What do you do on Facebook and social media as a whole? Why are you HERE? What keeps you awake at nights? What's your passion? What is your vision? Why are you STANDING in one place - Are you a TREE Description:🌲?
You are a graduate and there's no JOB & you spend 18hours on Facebook posting JOKES, incomplete words and Senseless Post Daily - Have you ever googled How To work from home in Enugu? What are you selling on social media? What's your market?
What happened to writing as a profession, blogging, sewing, makeup, carpentry, welder, plumbers, can driving, bus driving!!!
We all have absolutely different DNAs, different Faces, different Noses, so when my articles and post don't align with your kind of thoughts there's a very easy explanation:-
IT IS BECAUSE WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT &UNIQUE and it is okay Not to like me. It is okay to like me. 

Anyone you chose is FINE! What matters is I am INLOVE with MEDescription:💋.

This is how you should all think!!!
Why are you on Facebook? What are you selling? Who are your audience? When I go through your page on Facebook, what will I find out about you? Are you aware Money is been made and people are empowered daily here?
When everyone likes you, You must have sacrificed everything about your life to become something you may not be.
I write so that my children, born and adopted will remember to lay down pathways for their own children. I write for a better life.
Like me or hate me, I am Me Already & I didn't even chose meDescription: I am all I Got!

Thanks For Reading
All rights Reserved, © Collette Orji, 2017

N/B: Yes! You Can Share, Remember the CreditDescription:👏🏾

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