Collette Orji - The Church In Nigeria and Africa at large is an escape for POOR MINDED FOLKS...

When you see some of the videos and the happenings in most churches and its members, If you are a realist, Dangerously free thinker like me, You know it's truly happening and you know why. But, for the ordinary and the simple, they are still doubting if its's true and deep in their hearts, they say - But what are we supposed to do? My answer to you is, Firstly, GET BUSY and secondly, stop spending all your money and time in another man's business place for free. 

The church in Africa is filled with desperate men and women whose's only HOPE is now in prayers because of a failed government system. 

You know, the government in Nigeria, and largely Africa has messed up their nations so much that, they would rather go to a church and take a front seat, give the pastor who already has millions some extra millions than run a working productive scholarship program for children and students, then all the poor minded people in the church will celebrate that governor rather than sit him down and have a positive interactive productive discussion.

People come to church to give testimony 'Finally, I don makam', No one knows their job, what exactly they have even made. What will you do, if you are a mother, you have a very sick child and you are penniless...YOU PRAY! What does the woman with money do? She drives her sick child to the hospital.
You see, the rich in mind and the poor in mind are worlds apart. The poor in mind run to the man of god and pastor while the rich in mind goes to the hospital, the appropriate body of that problem. The God of the poor in mind is prayer and man of god while the God of the rich in mind is Knowledge and Faith. 
The church is the escape place for the poor in mind. They run to the church because they have no other choice, they are desperate and thereby exploited by the businessmen con men known as men of god and blah blah blah. 
You see, a couple goes through domestic violence, depression, divorce, or maybe death in the family, due to no money, no government built working infrastructure for the standard life of their citizens, no regulatory prices in the assigned constituents and public institutions...they go to church, they go for 10 days dry fasting on top of the problem they are carrying on their heads, those with the affordable money and knowledge goes to the assigned office. 
Some have become fans and Prophets and Jeremiahs over the movie 'WAR ROOM'...that's all they quote for you.
If your husband beats you...please keep praying for him And vice versa
If your husband brings women into your home...please pray for him and vice versa
If you son RAPES cousin or maid at home...please pray for him
Your husband cheats and molest your house help and endangers your life...please pray for him
Your husband's sister and family and inlaws come to disrupt your own home..please pray for them
You want to get a job with no experience, qualification or willingness to learn...please go to the man of god and pray.
You want a man's marriage to crash and you can replace the wife...please pray
You want to carry drugs and cocaine ...please go to man of god and pray
your child is sick and dying at run to man of god, when he has small fever, he runs to the UK for medical check up
Continue, don't stop. Don't invest in your time and do productive charity. keep following man of god and church and prayer up of down. 
To all those, who have received sense and are applying it in their success plan and visions - I hail you.

Collette Orji

Thanks for reading...

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