Being A Priest is The Happiest And Most Satisfying Job ...

Massive Study Shows Being A Priest is The Happiest And Most Satisfying Job In a massive study conducted by the National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago.

 Dozens of jobs and professions were ranked by which were the happiest and most satisfying fields. The study, the most comprehensive of its kind to explore satisfaction and happiness among American workers, found the #1 job with the highest levels of both happiness and satisfaction were religious vocations.

 The Top 5 Happiest and Most Satisfying Careers: Clergy
Physical Therapists
Special Education Teachers

While to the secular culture this may come as a bit of a shock, for men and women who have answered a calling to a religious vocation, this is no surprise.
 No other calling offers the same great opportunities to live and work out of a person’s deepest convictions, oftentimes in the midst of communities of faith with others who share their passion for faith, compassion, and service.

The religious life is not a life of loneliness and seclusion, but one of great joy, happiness, and fulfilment. For many young men discerning a vocation to the priesthood or professed religious life, the call to a life of joy and service in the name of Christ far outweighs what secular jobs have to offer. No other lifestyle gives true freedom like one where you give your life to God completely.

 If you are a man considering a vocation to the priesthood or professed religious life: The Community of Saint John is a congregation of priests and professed religious brothers who seek to joyfully live out the Gospel and follow Christ as the beloved apostle Saint John did. Members of the Community of Saint John live simple and joyful lives together in fraternal communities, and uniquely practice both a life of silent contemplation and apostolic service out in the world. By placing the spirit of the beloved disciple John in the context of the New Evangelization, the Community of Saint John reaches out specifically to young people by providing the milieu for their authentic personal growth and formation in our Catholic Faith. Present In Over 22 Countries, on 5 Continents, the Community of Saint John desires to be for today’s Church what the Apostle John was for Jesus in the Gospels.

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