Collette Orji - Another Divorce, another Domestic Violence, another marriage crash - Women cannot keep marriages like their Mothers and fathers did ...

How many of you will like your marriages to be like that of your parents?

In all honesty, these question has been asked repeatedly and few women will want to be in the kind of marriages their parents had.

Who on earth wants to be a SLAVE to a man in the name of marriage, a crazy modern day slavery to your fellow equal. 
A man, another human being just like you, dear God, have mercy!

You see, the boys learned in their parents' marriages that immediately he gets home, you serve him food, put his water to bath, call him sir, kneels down to greet him, and must be on active mood when 'the Lord' is home. 

What a sham...Huge sham!

Then the girls learnt from their mothers and fathers home that, you have to dress a certain way to attract a man, cook for him, bow down to him, he is the head of you, you MUST listen to your husband, shut up when he's talking, and remember he paid your DOWRY!...Another Insulting and humiliating SHAM.

***and we know our parents' marriages lasted 50 years because the women and mothers KNEW THEIR PLACE AND THEIR LORD***

Well, women are beginning to SNAP OUT of that mental MODERN slavery and religious bondage and the water cannot hold anymore, there is a random shake in the kingdom of manhood and hence, a rise in domestic violence.

You can ask a man out, propose to him, pay his dowry and MARRY HIM! Yes, you can.
You can keep him at home as a house husband and he takes care of the kids and you pay him monthly if you both agreed to that.
Stop thinking less of yourself and start adjusting the freedom and inheritance that thousands of now dead heroines fought for you and already vindicated you. Claim your inheritance women!
You are an equal in all human rights and humanity order. 

When you marry, It is a marriage my wonders, a marriage, a partnership for two reasonable effective beautiful equals...
It is not slave trade. That was abolished accordingly.... Before YOU were born.

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Collette Orji, © 2017

Thanks For Reading...Collette Orji

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