Actress MERCY AIGBE - Never Knew I Was Married To My Enemy...

Mr Gentry keeps denying, you need more lies.

I have more than enough evidence, witnesses and your fate will be determined in the law court.Begging in private and forming Saint in public.....Now you suddenly remember the kids? Now you suddenly remember you have a family name? When you were busy telling all those hideous lies against me, you forgot we have kids! When you were busy punching me , hitting me and almost killed me that day you forgot we had kids??????? 😡( Which was not your first time) .......

.In fact if you infuriate me any further I will put everything online including the undertaking you signed 3years ago at the police station! the whole world sees you for who you are!.. I have protected you for too long!...........Keep it coming I am so ready for you............NEVER KNEW I WAS MARRIED TO MY ENEMY ..........🙄

Throwback to when a man I call my husband almost blinded me!!!!!!!
Keep the denials and your numerous lies coming!
I am ready for you.....Mr Gentry...

Why will a man who obviously beat his wife, try so much to deny what he did? My take is because he knows what he did is wrong and apparently he is ashamed and cannot own up to it...... Let us be very careful of what we do especially when we are Angry as we might not know the consequences of that action.......Violence like I keep saying does not and will not solve anything, let us learn to control our anger at all times..... Arguments are bound to happen between couples but under no circumstances should we let it result to violence! Nobody has a right to hit, his or her partner regardless........
Battery and Assault is a CRIME! 
Join us in the #1in3Africa campaign, a campaign against violence! 
We are walking the streets of lagos to show our displeasure at this menace that is eating deep into our system....... Join us tomorrow by 10am, Start off point is Falomo Bridge by Awolowo Road......
Conflicts should be settled amicably and not through violence, only weak men hit women.

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