Viral video of a newborn baby walking few minutes after birth...

An unbelievable video has gone viral on Facebook and it features a newborn baby walking just as soon as she was born, to the amazement of nurses. The tiny tot was being cradled by the midwife as she attempted to give her her first bath but the baby had other ideas and bound out of the woman's body, then moves her feet and walks while held by the nurse...

The midwife carrying the baby across her chest couldn't believe what had just happened as the infant fights to walk on her own. The nurse's voice can be heard in the video as she cried out in amazement:

“Oh my gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!”

Another person in the room can be heard saying “Wait let me film this.”

Both hospital staff can be heard shouting for another staff to come witness what was happening. 

“Ju, Ju come and see this,” they cry.

Video Below...


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