The Things Our Celebrities are Stealing These Days ...Photo copycat Calls outs Fellow Photo copycat...

So, Let me try to give you the story!
Yesterday was Nollywood actor Junior Pope Odonwodo's birthday and he realised the above photo for one his birthday shoots and another Nollywood actor and former model know as Mr.Ideal shaded Junior pope for stealing His 'Style'.

He said at least Junior Pope could have asked for his permission. 
Ok, y na!

Here is a picture of Mr Ideal Nigeria. Now let's Fastforward to the end. Mr. Ideal Nigeria has also be found to copy aka steal this same style and poise from another 'celebrity' Lol#So, It is fair to say, what is good for the goose is also good for the gandger.

The Main dude who had this first.... Lol

Ka chineke mezie Okwu!

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