President- Elect Emmanuel Macron and Briggite Trogneux : This is A love Story In Our Time and Day...

Some love stories are truly iconic— Age is just a Number. Embrace Love and those who make you happy. Romeo and Juliet, Sandy and Danny, any and all Nicholas Sparks, now Brigitte Trogneux and French President-Elect Emmanuel Macron, who certainly have a story meant to go down in history.

The unlikely pair met when Trogneux was Macron’s teacher. He was only 15, and they then connected after he turned 17. He was in a school play directed by Trogneux, who was 24 years older. Now, Trogneux is 64, with seven grandchildren. Despite the age difference, Trogneux’s style and background make her the perfect power wife.Trogneux was born to a family of wildly successful chocolatiers (this story could not get more French unless it was called Amélie). Before settling down with Macron, she was married to a banker.

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The schoolteacher and her former husband had three children (her middle daughter was in class with Macron, quel scandale). Now they appear to be a happy blended family, with the children even campaigning for their stepfather. Trogneux has reportedly coached Macron behind the scenes throughout the years. When Macron was the economy minister, he was captured onscreen rehearsing a speech. His wife was overheard telling him to lift his voice. She was, after all, formerly in charge of the drama club.After moving to Paris and working as a teacher, Trogneux eventually quit her job to focus on her husband’s career. She’s helped him network and is said to constantly be beside him. She’s even been called his closest political advisor. The couple has posed for multiple magazine covers and been snapped by photographers, exposing them to new supporters.

By Margaret Abrams • 

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Love is a beautiful thing, don't get it twisted...


  1. Wow! Very very interesting story..... I love this....African hv alot to learn from d whitemen .... OG.


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