Please Join Me In Reading This to the end!...Please Laugh With Me...

At a table in a candle-lit restaurant, a man and woman are having dinner, and the following conversation ensued: 

Read Below...

 Man: Baby, I love you, would you please marry me?

 Woman: (stands up and lands a stinging slap on his face) I have waited more than 9yrs, I have prayed, fasted, sowed seeds, bought books and listened to tapes, even went out of my way to be nice to every male specie of marriageable age! I took up new hobbies, watching football and play station. I went to Daystar, from Daystar, I went to House on the Rock, from House on the rock I went to Guiding Light Assembly, Phronesis Christian Centre int'l, MFM, 
Christ Embassy, Redeemed, from there I went to This Present Winners looking every where for you. l went from a size 14 to asize 10, so that when you see me you’d love what you see. I left Lagos, went to Abuja, from Abuja I went to Port- Harcourt, then I went all the way to Kano I joined hi-five, from hi-five to Facebook, then I went to twitter,
 I even had a blog on which I ranted, hoping ?o? would show up! for where? I uploaded only my best pictures on Facebook, infact I took photo sessions to look my best, all for you o! I attended all the weddings, whether the invitation was direct or indirect! 

 The next place I was hoping to check was the moon, before you crawled out, crawled out from the house directly next to mine! So it was you all this while? The neighbour I said hello to every morning? Were you trying to destroy my faith? You almost rendered my prayer life useless? What were you waiting for? What sign where you looking for? Do you want to kill me before you reveal yourself?!!! Now be a gentleman, get down on your knees and put that ring on my finger!!

 The Guy replied, "April Fool."

 Please, help me finish the story.

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