Joe Duncan - Walk away from those who don't value you or respect you for who you are...

Walk away from those who don't value you or respect you for who you are, life is way too short to surround yourself with people who don't care about you. 

~ It doesn't matter if they are your family or friends or even your partner, at some point you've got to respect yourself and do what is right for your own soul. ~ Walking away isn't always easy, but being around people who don't value you and raise you up and allow you to be yourself is too high a price to pay and trust me, your freedom and happiness is worth everything, even more than loyalty in many cases... 

~ Be yourself, love yourself and respect yourself and if other people don't respect you or value all that you do, then you've got to be OK with walking away and walking towards a better and brighter future. ~ Don't allow anyone to make you feel like you are worthless or that you don't matter because you do matter and you have so much to offer the world! ~ Part of life is learning to deal with other people and their own limitations and expectations of you and in many cases dealing with how they view you....But regardless of how others treat you, you have to be brave enough to respect yourself and be true to yourself on your unique journey through life. ~ When you're true to yourself, you no longer need anyone else's approval or validation and you no longer have to hold onto the hope that others will one day except you or respect you.... you become strong enough to walk away and surround yourself with people who celebrate you and support you on your journey.Enjoy Up to 90% OFF Happy Mother's Day at Zapals. Find the best gift for your mom.

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