Davido's Baby mama's Fight ....As You Know By now, Women are women's Biggest Enemies...

So, Davido is in Accra Ghana doing his thing as usual and it's trending that he was with some pretty busty chic who followed him back to his hotel room. Well, baby mama no2 might have gotten a glimpse of the news, though I suppose they already had a fight so, she decided it was time to throw shade.

She said, Got a good girl but Hoes is his choice...In Nicki Minaj's Voice

Well, I Guess Baby Mama No 1 Wasnt having it.

Coupled with the fact that davido and baby mama no1 and daughter Imade went icecream cruise recently also in Lagos, I Guess there's no peace right now in the baby mama's worlds.

This is a case of Lagos Baby Mama Versus Atlanta Baby Mama .....and Possibly Ghana Baby Mama loading and much more who are willing to add to the list....

coco's note:
A woman is another woman's greatest weapon and enemy...

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