Collette Orji - •Marriage is not a solution Dearest women, -Please Go & Empower yourselves so together we can have more voices in action to eradicate poverty & change unprofitable Laws...

My Dearest Wonders - Please Listen To my Voice. Harken To the Voice of Reason:
•Religion Will Not Heal You!
• Religion Will Not Save You!
• Pastor & Man Of God Up and down Morning to Night will Not Save you or bring you Calm.
• Please Stop Fooling yourselves & Hiding Your evil Lazy Idle Impractical selves under Religion & Man Of God.
•Get Real, Start Today, Become Real for your own Good.

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•Even school will NOT help you! Go & Get an education Please...Please.
•99% of those Africans who graduated from Universities in Nigeria, Cameroon are in both America & the western world doing the regular jobs they abandoned in Africa & detested& refused to do.
• They come back here & get an education.... they don't get SCHOOL, They Get an education...
• You love tailoring- Go start it today, right now... That's an education.
•You love makeup- Go start it today... right now.
•If you know what you are wasting time doing in school right now is not what you want to really truly practice- Please why are you doing it?
•Please- Harken To the voice of reason!
• Get an education in the field that you want.
• You want to be an actress/Model/Script Writer/Blogger/businessman/fashion designer/event planner / Hair Stylist etc .... Go Start Right Now... Today. Now!!!
•Stop spending all your time in Church & Stop giving all your hard earned money To Pastors/Prophets/Man Of God. Stop this Stupidity & Get to work. People Go & work!!!
•Marriage is not a solution Dearest women, dearest ladies-Please Go & Empower yourselves so together we can have more voices in action to eradicate poverty & change unprofitable Laws.
• Stop spending years in college doing what you will never practice.
•Stop Standing Still
•Stop Being Lazy ... Please, unless you are disabled or ill.... Get Out there and become meaningful to society.
•Learn how to maximize the power of social media & start profiting from it. Learn how to build your Mind.
• Stop begging Up & Down! You have a brain, You Have 24 hours a day, You have good health - Use it, please.
• When you read the words of Coco Wonder Do Not Harden Your Hearts In Jesus Name - Amen!
#ToMoreThanWeCanAllBe#YesWeCanAllMakeIt..... Please Share♥️
• I Love You All My Wonders🥂

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