Collette Orji - Coping with Disposal Of Sanitary Pads In Secondary School Days?...

It's been a while right? Well- writing for me is my escape. 
It's the one place I could dream, and be wonderful and I am president of the pen and paper and this case my hands and computer.

I want to make usual I keep trying to discuss topics that are meaningful to you and you and yes you in my personal private articles. 

How do young women cope in the secondary school in Africa with the sanitation, comfort, disposal and change of pads during secondary school days? How did you cope? how was it for you? Have you ever wondered about it?

I live in the united states of America today and I've found out one particular important necessary yet very simple situation. There are restrooms everywhere! I mean everywhere! You can almost walk through any building that you were having a sit moment or as much as you can drive through, you can make use of their restrooms.

Train stations, buildings, corporate offices, fast foods, basically - you walk in and out of these restrooms with ease and you don't feel that unique need to act as if you needed to knock on a house and request to make use of their restroom.

In my secondary school ( most of you know that already) we had two significant toilet rooms that were in the centre of the school in the middle of a field where students from Form one - five will all be looking at you if you walked into the toilet and that brought a certain degree of Shame!

 How everyone will be looking at me while I'm going to free my bowels, or who knows in some cases, just freedom to dispose and change your soaked/used pads.

How did you women who went to my school cope? how did you cope in your own school? How did we survive some of these things? Are they still like that? Is it like that at your current workplace and school?

 Women who sell in the marketplaces, how do they make use of restrooms? have you donated anything to this regard? what are we doing for these things? while you sit there blaming your presidents and leaders and for some claiming my pastor, my rev father, how have you made life just one percent better for the girl child? the boy child? the health and living of the young?

It would be a miracle then to even see one student walk up to those two toilet rooms in my school. I use to say -  does anyone ever go there? 
My dear women! how did we survive this? did we ever change our used pads? In those days, some teachers won't even give or grant you permission to go out for your ease!

We were teenagers, it was hard, there was so much body shaming and biology shaming.

Women have suffered! we were taught to hide, to be ashamed of our sexuality and natural body. It looked as a shameful thing to the develope breast as I wrote my first formal article ever here on my blog.( Open It Here)

How did we really truly cope?
Yes! you! How did you cope and survive In your own school? 

And most importantly...How are things Today?

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