Collette Orji - Church, Church, Church, Daddy, Mummy, What Has Your Church Done for Humanity,Your Country Or Your Society?

What has your Church done for your country, your society, your city...Is it too hard to ask questions?

Well, You know who is back here again Today...Your Wonder, Collette Orji.

So, I grew up and found out that there were lots of mission schools in the city where I was born and raised. There was a Catholic church mission primary school, actually, there was about four that I can remember, Saint John's Catholic Primary school, Saint Anthony Primary school, Saint Theresa Catholic primary school and Sacred Hearts Catholic primary school.

There was Catholic secondary school, Saint Francis College, there was a Catholic Hospital, Catholic Women centres for counselling... I had these in my city.
There was Also Baptist mission schools that I can remember like sakar Baptist primary school, Bethel Baptist primary school, Baptist Hospital which was awesome, awesome and awesome. I'm still referring to my city, where I was raised.
Enjoy Fashion Walking 250*250 Then there were Presbyterian Primary schools about 2 within the city, there were Presbyterian Secondary and high school PHS, and Presbyterian Domestic centre for young girls and women.
There was also Anglican secondary school... This is as much as I can remember ...
I have grown up, and part of growing up is asking questions like how, Why, when, what, to basic understandings. I read widely how Christianity was  lead and sustain and work in Africa and i realised that, when the white man brought Religion to Africa and the rest of the world, in time, they built Hospitals, schools, orphanages, women affairs centers, which made it very easy for our forefathers to easily succumb to their religion and practices and even gave up their own gods though not willingly.
These religious establishments gave meanings to the young, they brought so much with them to instruct and teach and till date, these religious sects are still doing same, they still have more schools, and more hospitals.We all agree that they should do more, and build more, and educate more and work  hand in hand with the government in some cases so now I've got a question...and it disturb my spirit so I have to keep asking...

1- All these Pentecostal churches who flog the city and the African societies demanding Tithes and Flying in Private jets and Vomiting miracles from their mouths Morning till Night
What have they done for you, For society, for the masses, for the good of the general public and country?

2- These Churches and pastors and man of Gods and Daddy and Mummy and sisters Godliness and brother Miracle, What have they really done for the society, how many orphanage centers have they opened and are running effectively, How many schools have they opened and set standard fees and distributing general knowledge to the society.

3- All these deliverance and man of gods and woman of faith songs and propaganda you all keep singing about typing amen and stupid yes under public prayer post, how has all of that helped your community? How many taps have they commissioned in the villages? How many schools? how many rehabilitation centers have they opened free or with minimal fees for the general public where they operate? How many counselling centers have they opened for the good of the society?

4- Then my question, When will you all receive common sense and just normal reality checks to be able to ask simple questions? How much time and hard earned money will you carry to people who are enriching themselves daily before you get simple common sense? I am not asking you to go give your money to the other established churches...I am just saying, How come questions are not asked? It's like when you ask questions concerning the Religious establishments then you are termed 'Sinner' ...Let me laugh the laugh!

5- You all take your money to pastors and a man of God to church everyday yet you keep calling people every day begging and asking for money? Why not go to your church and ask your man of gods and pastors and daddy's and mummy's and ask them for money. You go to the man of God to receive blessings and yet you cannot get a job and do a job, you always have tithes for your personal greedy lazy selves and man of God and you cannot ask simple questions.These men are running their business up and down and some of you are just making each other Kinda Dull.

Simple Common sense and practical reality be eluding my black African brothers and sisters every day...May God Help Us all.

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  1. Great article, full of knowledge and wisdom. Sultan


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