Between Nollywood veteran Actor Segun Arinze and his daughter with Ex Wife Veteran Actress Anne Njemanze...

So actor Segun Arinze took to Instagram to wish his 20 yr old daughter a happy birthday... and she clapped back.It's Obvious there's no love between him and ex-wife and kids.

Wow! Time sure does fly! my first daughter Renny is 20! I wish you great wisdom, good health, long life,  deep knowledge and whatever you lay your hands on will prosper.You will be a role model to your peers.Ann God Bless you for doing a great job! Happy Birthday, Renny.

Enjoy Up to 90% OFF Happy Mother's Day at Zapals. Find the best gift for your mom. 100% Free on Store Shop Now! Well, the daughter, 20 years old Renny, he had with his ex-wife and fellow Nollywood actress Anne Njemanze didn't find it funny or nice or welcoming. She felt he's been a hypocrite by not calling her but putting it out here for bloggers like me us to carry and publish...well...just doing our job oh!


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