Actress Ejiro Okurame - Happy birthday to ME...I want to take this greaTER time in my life to celebrate ME!!!

I want to take this greaTER time in my life to celebrate ME!!!...Happy birthday to ME and others born today MAY 15TH....I thank God for making me see this special day of my life...I may NOT have achieved a lot that I prayed to have but I have achieved GOOD/SOUND HEALTH and NOT Bedridden...

I may NOT have millions of Naira in my accounts but I don't steal/beg to eat cos I'm contented...I may NOT have the best of designer's clothes or live in a MANSION but I'm NOT naked or live on the streets...I may NOT eat my loved intercontinental dishes but I can afford my local STARCH & BANGA SOUP with Cat fish...I may NOT be toooo comfortable but God has and will continue to comfort me in Jesus name...Amen...I have so many reasons to thank God my Creator...soooo many!! I also want to thank those TRUE GENUINE FRIENDS who have all stood by me all these while inspite of "My skorskor"😂😂....thanks for taking time to READ & understand me!!...I appreciate you Pastor and Evangelist Chioma Nwani...I thank all my FANS for their consistent support/prayers/encouragement....i also want to thank the Senior Pastor of my Liberation City Church...My Spiritual Father--Dr Chris Okafor (DCO) who has been a source of inspiration and strength in my life...God bless you all in Jesus name...AMEN AMEN AMEN.... #chiefejirookurame #omoteisokoceo#deltabreed

Happy Birthday....

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