Uber plans to test on-demand flying cars network by 2020

Uber has unveiled plans to partner with plane manufacturers to develop and test a network of flying cars by 2020.

The ride-sharing company said it will run trials in the US city of Dallas and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Asia-Fashion-Wholesale.com The flying electric taxis are being developed with aviation companies including Embraer and Bell Helicopter.
While the technology is largely unproven, Uber believes the service will eventually cost about the same as its car rides.
Expanding on ideas first published in a white paper last October, the company said the electric vehicles will take off and land vertically like a helicopter, with zero emissions and minimal noise.
In a statement, Uber added the goal was to "enable customers in the future to push a button and get a high-speed flight in and around cities."
Enjoy Fashion Walking 250*250 Being able to fly over congested urban areas could cut down a commuter's journey dramatically.
Is it really the future?
While it may sound more like science fiction than reality, the company is targeting the 2020 World Expo in Dubai to launch the first Uber Elevate Network demonstration.
And Uber hopes to have its flying taxi service transporting customers as soon as 2023.
It is already investing heavily in self-driving cars and is facing an intellectual property lawsuit over that technology.
Stuff your cart to $50 - ships free! Deals NOT to be missed! Not content with its land-based ride service, the company believes its vision for flying taxis will make air transportation a part of our daily lives in the future.
But it will first need to convince passengers and aviation authorities that the technology is safe, and there are still huge questions over how to regulate both the testing and introduction of the technology.

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