President Trump’s first 100 days of Democratic distortion.... By Kayleigh MacEnany

On Nov. 8, 2016, Democrats everywhere let out a collective gasp.  Their unforeseen nightmare had come true: a Trump presidency.  

The angst was palpable.  A looming fear of change overtook Washington, D.C., as whispered conversations filled the city’s taverns and local dives. What were the career bureaucrats to do?  A leader set to drain the swamp was about to take the Oval.  

Once Democrats emerged from their shared daze, they settled in on an action plan: Destroy.  Destruct.  Demolish the Trump presidency.  Over the last 100 days, they have attempted to do just that.

Their efforts at obstruction began before the Trump presidency even started.

In the immediate aftermath of Trump’s victory, the left desperately sought to delegitimize his election.  They flirted with several scapegoats – the electoral college, inaccurate vote counts, sexism – before settling in on their ultimate excuse: the Russians.  

Weaving together a bogus McCarthyism-style narrative of collusion, the left sought to implicate Trump in Russian wrongdoing.  In the view of the left, President Trump was a Russian spy until he quite literally blew up their faux charges by bombing a Syrian airbase, angering Russia whose client had just been hit with 59 tomahawk missiles.

After finally accepting the will of the people and the impending Trump presidency, liberals found a new target: Trump’s cabinet.  According to the left, Trump had appointed a cabinet of Neanderthals.  

There were governors, Fortune 500 CEOs, four-star generals, but to the left, they were sinister creatures of the alt-right meriting historic obstructionism.  And obstruct they did, demanding 30 hours of debate for nominees, forcing the vice president to break a tie vote, and depriving Trump of a speedy nomination process.

They likewise aimed to use Trump’s business prowess against him, demanding Trump sell all of his businesses outright lest he be riddled with conflicts of interest.  One problem – the president is exempt from conflict of interest laws.  

And despite not needing to take any measures at all, President Trump put his holdings in a trust to be managed by his sons and vowed to donate his presidential salary.

Upon taking office, the mischaracterizations continued.  Liberals blamed Trump for a series of horrific bomb threats against Jewish community centers, painting the president and his followers as anti-semitic.  Never mind Trump’s own daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren are Jewish.  

Only later did we find that the condemnable, hateful community center threats were not waged by Trump supporters but by a liberal journalist and an Israeli teenager; strangely, these facts were largely unreported.  The same libelous claims of bigotry the left used during the election failed once more.

Then came the predictable charges of serial flip-flopping. Trump’s changed rhetoric on China as a currency manipulator and NATO as obsolete came only after meetings which moved these entities closer to Trump’s position.  And changed actions in Syria developed upon a changed fact pattern when a maniacal dictator gassed his own people.
On the contrary, Trump did not flip-flop but instead delivered on his promises to the American people.  I could take you through a laundry list of Trump achievements but the list is long and space is short.  So here is a bird’s-eye view.  

During Trump’s first 100 days, he signed more legislation and executive orders than any president in the past five decades.  His successful Supreme Court nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch was the first 100 day appointment since 1881.  Illegal border crossings are at the lowest point in 17 years, and consumer confidence is at its highest point in 16 years.  

In short, Trump has a significant resume of accomplishments, but rather than covering his successes, much of the reporting has centered around so-called “palace intrigue.”  Gossipy, salacious stories about which White House official currently has Trump’s ear supersede the less sensational stories of Trump rolling back the Stream Protection Rule to help coal miners or instructing agencies to buy American goods over foreign products.  
But, while the left might very well succeed in drowning Trump’s victories in a sea of fallacious, distracting storylines, they will not be able to alter the changed realities in Americans’ everyday lives.  

The left’s destroy, destruct, demolish plan of action has created a whopping 100-day distraction, but the campaign of negativity will do little to bring them back from their lowest ebb of power in nearly a century.
The few Democrats who retain power in Washington were sent there, not to distract, but to deliver.  Rather than spinning electoral failures into victories – in Georgia and in Kansas for example – perhaps it’s time Democrats come to the table and cooperatively work with Trump on behalf of the American people.  

Kayleigh McEnany is a CNN political commentator who recently received her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. She graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and also studied politics at Oxford University. Follow her on Twitter @kayleighmcenany.

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