Nollywood Actress Sylvia Oluchi - SO today I threw away my dictionary!  As a rule and part of the practices of being a yogi,
 I periodically let go of things I haven't used in months.

Anything that has been in my space for 6 months and I haven't used it, typically gets given out as a gift or thrown in the trash depending on its current state.
1819 Bourbon Whiskey

1819 Bourbon Whiskey  SO while I was spring cleaning, I looked down at my Oxford dictionary that saw me through 3 years of senior secondary and 5 years of university and it dawned on me just how redundant a physical dictionary is in today's world. I rarely open my online dictionary either, ever SO often, I simply Google the word up and check it's usage, pronunciation or synonyms. 

The world is certainly moving ahead , it just makes me wonder how day by day nothing really seems to change but when you look back in time, everything has changed. An Ode to Change ! As we embrace its infallible and unquestionable existence and embrace all that it comes with. 

SO tell me my #specialOnes what change are you most grateful for this Easter? Because we all agree we can't say it isn't SO?

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