Nollywood Actress and Mother Of One Uche Ogbodo Talks Nollywood and Motherhood...

The Nollywood actress in an interview with Punch spoke on how Nollywood used to be a 'cult', how she made her name in the game and being a single mother.


Nollywood was previously structured like a cult. As such, you’d have to belong to a certain clique to be able to make a headway. It was hard coming into the industry because the people who were already there didn’t pave the way for newcomers. However, I am blessed because when I joined Nollywood, I had several opportunities to audition for good roles and eventually, I got them without belonging to a clique. Initially, it was hard to get roles until I moved to Lagos from Enugu where I was previously based.

I am a single mother and I am able to create a work-life balance because I have a house help as well as my sister who has been with me since I returned from America, where I was delivered of my daughter. She is like my daughter’s second mother and she takes good care of her. My daughter doesn’t even miss me when I have to go on set. She understands that mummy has to work so, when I tell her that I am off, she lets me be.


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