Magnus Nwagu LP - Just discovered that my apartment mate is gone... Been sick since I knew himDeath is a lesson that will keep teaching

Just discovered that my apartment mate is gone. Been sick since I knew him. Helped him to bed last night and went to check on him this morning after I had breakfast to see if he needed anything (was a great guy). 

The door couldn't open cause something was obstructing it and I forced it a bit and saw him lying still on the floor. I knew he was gone. Called 911 and about 10 officers showed up in 2 minutes.
They are here as I type and I am being interviewed. A system that works.
RIP to you, John Hunter. I mourn you like you were my brother. All you ever wanted was to be loved. To care and be cared for. I hope I made a good impression John. I don't know what relationship he has with his son he had when he was 18, but he never visits. The deceased ones told me "thank you, Magnus, for calling to check up on me while I was at the hospital, my son doesn't even do that." It is a shame how we all let our relationships go sore. Death is a lesson that will keep teaching. To me, John Hunter lives on. He was an absolute sweet person. Always asking if I needed anything from the stores when he was leaving. Always grabbing something for me, burger, frozen chicken etc. He bought me a Christmas card and put in 10$ bill inside. I am happy I tried to show him how sweet he was before he left. Life is vanity. Always try to love those that love you and care for those that care.

He never got to wear the Ankara cloth I gave him Saturday. Life!
For John Hunter (April 25, 2017).


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